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Korean Courses

Browse through the database below to explore courses that will fulfill certain degree requirements in the Korean program.

When registering for classes on theĀ Course Timetable website, be sure to carefully read through the "Notes/Additional Fees" section of each course you select.

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AP/KOR 1000 6.00
Elementary Modern Standard Korean

An introductory Korean language course for absolute beginners and those with a very limited knowledge of Korean. This course stresses the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing, and includes some lectures and readings on ...

AP/KOR 2000 6.00
Intermediate Modern Standard Korean

This course stresses the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing, and includes some lectures and readings on various aspects of Korean culture. Language of Instruction: Korean/English.

AP/KOR 2010 6.00
Accelerated Modern Standard Korean Language

The course is designed for students with previous knowledge in communicative Korean from family background and/or prior studies, and students with appreciation for fast-paced language learning. Students are expected to learn important grammatical structures from ...

AP/KOR 3000 6.00
Advanced Modern Standard Korean

This course focuses on discourse structure in all four-skill areas. Original and edited texts are read, summarized, translated and discussed. Socio-cultural aspects are particularly emphasized to deepen the understanding of Korean society and culture.Prerequisites: AP/KOR ...

AP/KOR 3150 3.00
Korean Linguistics

Examines the linguistic structure of the modern standard Korean language. Topics include phonology (sound structure), morphology (word structure), and syntax (sentence structure), providing a working knowledge of the fundamental principles of linguistic analysis. AP/LING 1000 ...

AP/KOR 3600 3.00
Contemporary Korea: Identity, Society and Culture

Introduces students to contemporary Korean culture, identity, and society. It seeks to help students develop a dynamic understanding of contemporary Korea by taking an interdisciplinary approach to cultural and socio-political issues of Korean society. Previously ...

AP/KOR 3610 3.00
Contemporary Korea: Korean Pop Culture

The course introduces contemporary Korean popular culture by exploring the hybridized transnational nature of their production, distribution, and consumption. This course examines the recent phenomenal success of Korean popular cultures (also called Korean Wave) in ...

AP/KOR 3650 3.00
Understanding Korea through Korean Films

This course aims to enhance students' understanding of a variety of historical, social, cultural issues of Korean society by analyzing relevant Korean films. It examines close relationships between cinematic representations and modern Korean history and ...

AP/KOR 3700 3.00
Modern and Contemporary Korean Literature in Translation

This course aims to enhance students' understanding of Korea through an overview of modern Korean literature from the twentieth century to the present. Students will examine literary texts in their relationship with socio-historical contexts of ...

AP/KOR 3800 3.00
Language and Society in Korea

Provides students in diverse majors with a general overview of the connections between language and society in Korea and investigates how the language has reflected the dynamics of Korean society throughout its history. In particular, ...

AP/KOR 4000 6.00
Advanced Readings in Korean

This course focuses on developing students' Korean proficiency to the extent that the students attain professional and academic level of Korean proficiency by fostering fluency, accuracy, and comprehension in reading authentic texts as well as ...

AP/KOR 4050 6.00
Advanced Korean for Business

The goal of the course is to provide students with linguistic proficiency at a level that allows them to conduct business activities as well as practical information they need in coping with Korean business settings. ...

AP/KOR 4200 3.00
Gender, Sexuality and Culture in Korea

This course examines how social, political and cultural changes intersect with gender and sexuality in contemporary Korean society. It explores modern gendered identity among practices of sexuality, marriage, family, parenthood, labour, consumption, media, and movement. ...

AP/KOR 4500 3.00
A Taste of Korea: Korean Foodways and Culture

This course examines Korean foodways, that is, the language, history, society, traditions, and economics of Korean (and Korean-Canadian) food culture. Topics include the relationships between Korean food and globalism/localisation, national identities and socio-economic status in ...

AP/KOR 4600 3.00
Korean Immigrant Experience and Culture

This course explores the experiences of Korean immigrants and Korean culture in Canada and beyond in terms of two major themes: 1) immigration and the adaptation process and 2) multiplicity of ethnic and cultural identity. ...

AP/KOR 4700 3.00
Korean popular music as transnational cultural phenomenon

This course develops an informed perspective on K-pop as a tool for more critical understanding of contemporary South Korean society and its place in the global context. It explores elements of K-pop in relation to ...

AP/KOR 4800 3.00
Power of Image: Visual Culture of North and South Korea

This course examines the visual cultural forms and practices of the two Koreas, the Republic of Korea and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Students will gain a deeper understanding of the two Korean societies, ...