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Modern Greek

Modern Greek has its roots in Classical, Hellenistic and Byzantine Greek, and a civilization that continues to influence humanity since the ancient times. Today, the language is spoken by about 15 million people in Greece, Cyprus and around the world.

Whether you are completely new to the language or advancing your skills, our courses will help you become comfortable in understanding and interacting effectively in Modern Greek. Blending grammar, vocabulary and syntax with written and oral communication in authentic situations, we aim at connecting theory and practice in building a solid foundation in the language and culture.

Learning Greek at York will help you connect with Toronto’s vivid Greek community and benefit from our partnership with cultural organizations and institutions such as the Hellenic Heritage Foundation, the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Canada, the Greek Community of Toronto and the General Consulate of Greece. You will also participate in local cultural events, visit Toronto’s Greektown, attend film and music festivals and learn from community-based guest speakers.

Courses are taught by Themistoklis Aravossitas,a native Modern Greek speaker who has published several books on Greek teaching and learning, and researches heritage language education, bilingualism and diversity in the classroom and society. As a graduate, you will be prepared to visit Greece–one of the most popular tourist and educational destinations in the world.


Description: This course teaches the fundamentals of modern Greek: the writing system, pronunciation, basic forms and syntax. It also introduces simple conversation, reading and writing. Note: Not open to students who obtained their high school graduation (apolytirion) from Greece and Cyprus, nor to students with Grade 12 U or M Modern Greek (or equivalent).

Course credit exclusions: None.

Description: This course is designed to improve the student's oral and written command of the modern Greek language. Short texts relevant to modern Greek culture will be read and analyzed.

Prerequisite: AP/GKM 1000 6.00 or AP/GK 1410 6.00 or Grade 12 U or M Modern Greek (or equivalent), or permission of the department.

Description: A general survey of the development of Greek literature and culture from the early 19th century, as they related to contemporary Greek consciousness. Further practice and study of modern Greek.

Prerequisite: AP/GKM 2000 6.00 or AP/GK 2430 6.00, or permission of the department. With permission, students may co-enrol in AP/GKM 2000 6.00.

Description: Reading of selected modern Greek short stories, novels and dramas from the 20th century. This course focuses on the interrelationship between Greek cinema and literature.

Prerequisite: AP/GKM 2000 6.00 or AP/GK 2430 6.00, or permission of the department.


Contact Themistoklis Aravossitas for help with academic and administrative questions.