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Classical Greek

Discover the history, culture and literature of Ancient Greece by learning to read Classical Greek, the language of the Athenians of the fifth and fourth centuries BCE. Classical Greek evolved into koine Greek which became the common Greek language throughout the Mediterranean world and the distant ancestor of Modern Greek.

At the elementary level, you will gain a solid, fundamental knowledge of forms, vocabulary, syntax and pronunciation that will prepare you to read Classical Greek texts in both prose and poetry by writers such as Plato and Sophocles.

Studying Classical Greek is an excellent preparation for reading earlier Greek literature such as the epic poems of Homer and later Greek works such as the New Testament, which was written in koine Greek. You will also find that your knowledge of English vocabulary will benefit from studying Classical Greek which is the original source of many scientific words in the language.

Course Offered:

AP/GK 1000 6.0
Elementary Classical Greek

Description: This course is designed for those who have little or no training in Classical Greek. In this course, students acquire the fundamentals of reading Classical Greek through practice with translation, vocabulary, grammar, syntax, composition, and pronunciation. There are daily exercises and drills in class to solidify knowledge of forms and syntax.


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