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Discover the history, culture and literature of the Roman world by learning to read Latin, the language of Roman civilization from before the third century BCE until after the fall of Rome in the fifth century CE. Latin survived into the Middle Ages and the Renaissance as the language of scholarship, administration and law. It is still used as a living language in the Vatican and by Latin enthusiasts around the world.

At the elementary level, you will gain a solid, fundamental knowledge of forms, vocabulary, syntax and pronunciation that will prepare you to read Latin works in both prose and poetry by writers such as Cicero, Vergil and Ovid. You will also learn to speak some Latin—a skill not taught widely at Canadian universities.

Studying Latin is excellent preparation for learning the Romance languages of French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. Your knowledge of English will benefit from studying Latin which is the original source of most English words.


Description: This course is intended for students with no previous training in Latin. Note: Further courses in Latin are listed under Classical Studies.

Course credit exclusion: GL/HUMA 1622 6.00.

This course is designed for those who have little or no training in classical Latin. In this course, students acquire the fundamentals of reading Latin through practice with translation, vocabulary, grammar, syntax, composition, and pronunciation. There are daily exercises and drills in class to solidify knowledge of forms and syntax. Upon finishing the course, students are able to go on to the second-year Latin course at York University (AP/LA 2000 6.0).

Description: This course is designed to teach students how to build their vocabulary systematically through the study of Latin and Greek elements in essential English words in a variety of fields and to learn how to use this knowledge in a practical way in their academic courses and later for the advancement of their chosen careers. Emphasis is placed on important Latin and Greek elements used in current scientific, medical, legal, literary, and artistic contexts.

Description: This course is intended for students seeking a basic introduction to Latin or experience in spoken Latin. No prior knowledge of Latin is assumed. Emphasis is on the acquisition of Latin through speaking, hearing, and understanding, not translation. In order to enliven the learning experience for students, classes will be conducted as much as possible in Latin.

Prerequisite: None.

Co-requisite: None.

Course credit exclusions: None.

Language of Instruction: Latin and English.

Open to: All students at York, undergraduate, and graduate (formally enrolled in the course). Not open to auditors.


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