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Japanese Studies

Minor, Certificate

Join one of the top Japanese language programs in Canada – and develop the skills and mindset that will be significant assets in any professional path you take.

Study Japanese using our communicative approach, which helps you become a creative, independent and sensitive language learner. Learning Japanese while also studying how people from differing cultural backgrounds communicate allows you to adapt to a foreign environment without much difficulty.

Choose to complement your studies in another field with one of our degree options – either a four-year honours minor or a certificate of proficiency in Japanese. Graduate with a working knowledge of the language and a useful background in Japanese people, society and culture.

What you’ll learn

  • Understand how to use the language to greatest effect at your own level, including non-verbal communication skills. 
  • Gain transferrable expertise in critical thinking, oral and written communication.

Hands-on experiences

  • Participate in a one-year study-abroad program at Meiji, Dokkyo, Keio, Waseda, Nagoya or Hitotsubashi universities.
  • Participate in on-campus events, such as the national Japanese Language Proficiency Test.


Contact the Japanese Studies Coordinator, Noriko Yabuki-Soh at