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Japanese Degree Options & Requirements

Beyond choosing to study Japanese, you’ve got the option to customize how you study. You can choose the length and depth of specialization within your program — whether it’s a minor or a language proficiency certificate. If you’re weighing two subjects of interest but can’t make a decision, you’re able to declare a major, which would be your primary area of study, as well as a minor, or secondary subject. Whatever path you envision, you’ll have choices to accommodate you along the way.

Honours Minor (BA)

The Honours Minor in Japanese Studies may be combined with any approved Honours BA program that offers a major/minor option in the Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change, the Faculty of Health, the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies, the Faculty of Science, the School of the Arts, Media, Performance and Design, or the Lassonde School of Engineering. For further details on requirements, refer to the listings for specific Honours programs that may be pursued jointly with other Faculties.

Note: in a major/minor program, a course may count only once toward major credit or minor credit.

Minor credits: a minimum of 36 credits in the minor, including at least six credits at the 4000-level.

36 credits including:

Note: Students exempt from AP/JP 1000 6.00, AP/JP 2000 6.00 or AP/JP 3000 6.00 must take AP/JP 4000 6.00 and additional 4000-level courses as well as the above 12 credits.

Language Proficiency Certificate

To apply for the certificate, students must have completed at least 18 credits in Japanese language in the Department of Languages, Literature and Linguistics with a minimum grade of B+ in the last upper-level course taken.

Requirements as follows:

Note: Students who place directly in the intermediate level (2000) language course require only 12 credits to obtain the Certificate of Proficiency in Japanese.

Note: Students who place directly in an advanced language (3000) course require an additional 6 credits and must take another upper level course taught in Japanese to obtain the Certificate of Proficiency in Japanese Language.