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TESOL Program Options & Requirements

The Certificate is open to students who have been granted a Bachelor's degree with a minimum grade point average of 5.0 (C+) or equivalent. Applicants may be required to demonstrate English language proficiency (minimum IELTS 7 across all skills; TOEFL 102 total). Individuals holding a Bachelor's degree can be exempted from a maximum of 12 of the required 30 credits provided they have taken equivalent courses during their undergraduate/graduate education. Exemptions will not be given for the following courses: AP/TESL 3600 3.0, AP/TESL 3200 6.0 and AP/TESL 3300 6.0.

Program Options

This program has both part-time and full-time options.

The certificate can be completed in one or two calendar years as follows:

One Year

Those entering in May can take the pre-requisite AP/LING 1000 6.0 or AP/LING 2060 6.0 and take the other 6 courses Sept-April of the Fall Semester, provided there are available spaces in the Practicum (AP/TESL3300 6.0). The deadline for a May entry is February 1st.

Two Years

Those entering September will normally take the prerequisite AP/LING 1000 6.0 in the first year, along with AP/TESL 3200 6.0 and either AP/TESL 3600 3.0 or one of the elective courses.

During the second year, students will normally take AP/LING 3240 3.0, AP/LING 3160 3.0, AP/TESL 3300 6.0, and either AP/TESL 3600 3.0 or the elective (depending on what was taken in Year 1)