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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions we get from students. Please feel free to reach out if your question(s) is not addressed on this page.

If a course is offered in multiple sections (such as 1001 3.0A/ 1001 3.0B.), may I take more than one section?


May I enrol in a 4000-level course if I am pursuing a Regular BA?


Does English 4099 6.0 (Honours Thesis) count as a course for my Honours BA?

Yes, provided the thesis project is supervised by a faculty member, and the appropriate authorization form is completed. Contact the Undergraduate Program Office for more information.

I am a returning Arts English Major, but I have yet to complete my 1000-level requirement. Do I now have to take EN 1001 and 1002, or are there other courses I could take?

If you have not yet satisfied your 1000-level requirement, you may take AP/EN 1001 3.0 + AP/EN 1002 3.0 or AP/EN 1006 3.0 + AP/EN 1002 3.0

What are Courses Outside the major/minor?

These are courses that are not offered by the English Department and that are not General Education courses in the Faculty of LA&PS.

What are Free Choice courses?

Free Choice courses may be in any subject, including extra English courses.

Do English courses taken through Glendon count toward my LA&PS English major?

It depends on the course. Students must seek approval from the English Undergraduate Program Director ( to count GL/EN courses towards their English major/minor. Students may inquire about more information on which courses are accepted, at which level of study, and in which area/period/category.