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Off-site Examinations

Off-site Examinations Services are not available at this time.

Most LA&PS fully online and blended courses require formal, supervised in-class paper-based exams on campus. Students residing more than three hours travel time from the York University Keele campus (e.g. out of province/country) can contact eLearning Services to write off-site exam(s).

You qualify for an off-site exam if you:

  1. Are enrolled in an ONLINE LA&PS course.
  2. Reside more than three-hours travel time (one way) from the York University Keele Campus.
  3. Are in a location where writing an exam off-site is possible. Some locations are remote and do not have exam/testing centres available. Please consult with the eLearning Services team if you think your location is remote and find out if off-site exams are available in your area.
  4. Supply your permanent address and current address or the location address where you will be at the time of the exam.
  5. Follow the steps below and submit your online off-site exam request form(s) at least 10 business days before your exam date.


Check the course website/syllabus or course announcements to find out the on-campus exam date and time.

Inform your instructor that you will not be attending the on-campus exam and let them know that you are scheduling an off-site exam through eSO (eLearning). You can also request the exam format from the instructor.

Review the exam centres in the location where you will be for the exam. Contact the exam centres from our list and schedule your off-site exam to correspond with the on-campus exam. Off-site exams cannot take place before the on-campus exam. Be sure to get your invigilator’s accurate contact information (needed for your off-site exam request form).


We try to update exam centre contacts on a regular basis. However, if a discrepancy is located, please notify eLearning Services is not responsible for the invigilators or actions that take place at exam centres.

Please be informed that during the exam, invigilators will be required to provide their signature certifying that you:

  1. Will comply with the off-site exam regulations during the examination procedures, including scanning & e-mailing the exam documents back to on the exam date AND mailing/couriering (sending) the completed exam documents back to eSO within two business days of the exam date;
  2. Are neither a relative nor friend of those whom they supervise
  3. Will document and report any suspicious behaviour or academic dishonesty
  4. Will photocopy both York YU card AND Government photo ID, to be returned with email copy & original examination documents. The substitute is TWO pieces of Government Issued Photo ID if the YU Photo ID card is not available.
  5. Will remain in the room at all times to supervise for the entire duration of the exam.

Please note that many exam centres only offer day-time invigilation services during business hours. Please be prepared to book time off from work to write exams during these designated writing times. In addition, many foreign countries celebrate/honour holidays and religious observances that will also affect the availability of services offered.

Schedule your off-site exam at the same time as the on-campus exam or overlap the on-campus exam by at least 30 minutes. If you are in a different time zone or your exam centre is not open at the time of the on-campus exam, schedule your off-site exam on the next business day in the morning.

Fill out the online off-site exam request form at least 10 business days before the on-campus exam date. A separate request form is required for each off-site exam.

Once your off-site exam request form has been submitted, you will receive an email confirmation response within 2 business days. If you do not receive a response from by the 3rd business day, please email and let us know.

Your Student Financial Account will be charged a $30.00 CAD off-site exam fee upon submission of your off-site exam request form. The fee will appear in your Student Financial Services account. The fee is non-refundable and may be processed before your off-site exam takes place depending on your form submission date.

NOTE: If you apply to write more than one off-site exam, the fees owing will appear in one sum in your Student Financial Account. Example: Number of Off-site Exams: 3 X 30.00 Fee per exam, equals $90.00 which is the amount that would appear in your Student Financial Account. Fees owing are processed mid-month.

Students are also responsible for invigilation fees at the host institution. Exam supervision/Invigilation fees per exam can range from $5 to $200 or higher – it is the student’s responsibility to request fee details prior to booking the off-site exam.

The invigilator will be returning your original, completed exam directly to the eServices Office via mail/courier. Original exam documents must be returned to the eLearning eServices Office. Check to see if these services will be included in your host institution fees.

If you decide to cancel your off-site exam, you are required to inform eSO, the host institution (invigilator), and your instructor before the off-site exam date.

Note that the York University off-site exam fee is non-refundable.

Academic Honesty

At the time of the off-site exam, the invigilator must make a photocopy or scan of the student’s Photo YU card AND Government photo ID, to be returned with email copy & original examination documents. The ID substitute is present TWO pieces of Government Issued Photo ID if the Photo YU card is not available

Students and Invigilators will sign the Confirmation Sheet at the exam and certify that they have complied with the exam regulations; not communicating with anyone re the content/process of the exam and will not communicate/transmit/post/or record anything about the exam contents

Please review the York University Senate Policies, Procedures and Regulations on Academic Standards, Grades, Conduct of Examinations

Student Accessibility Services

Students registered with Student Accessibility Services can provide eLearning Services with their Letter of Accommodation which lists the student’s exam accommodations (ex. Additional time, exam aids permitted). We will ensure that your off-site exam package includes the details and instructions for the invigilator. Students must also let their instructors know if they plan to use their letter of accommodation for exams. Visit Student Accessibility Services for more information.