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Ensemble, en français | Together, in French

Ensemble, en français | Together, in French

Ensemble, en français | Together, in French

Fêtons la Semaine internationale de la Francophonie! Let’s celebrate all things French!

On March 20, over 274 million people from over 57 nations across 5 continents will celebrate International Francophonie Day and thus creating multiple conversations.  French is an official language in Canada, and France, but also in 30 other world states.  And this cultural mosaic, although invisible to some, is very much a part of York University’s social fabric.

This is why all French units at York have decided to join forces and collaborate with the Office of Advancement to offer the most exciting conversation during Francophonie Week ever.  Program at glance at the Francophonie website.

The goal is to show that French is alive and well everywhere on York campus, and to celebrate the incredible diversity of our Francophone mosaic in Toronto.

There will be a wide range of activities to satisfy all French enthusiasts in the GTA communities engaged in fostering conversations on themes related to Francophonie. Students will be encouraged to move between the various events and venues using a French Cultural passport. The most avid participants will then be awarded a French Cultural Engagement Certificate. Read more at the Francophonie website.

Participation to all events is free but a RSVP is required. A $5 minimum donation to luncheon toward the creation of a Community Engagement bursary will be encouraged on Tuesday March 21.

Register for March 20th events

Register for March 21st events