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Student Clubs & Associations

Getting involved with your program’s student association is a great way to connect with peers who share similar interests and career goals. Through events and activities such as guest lectures, seminars, career workshops and social events, you’ll get the chance to network, enrich your studies and meet others working in your chosen field.

Feminist Action Club

Feminist Action is about bringing an activist spirit to our campus. We're interested in anti-oppression politics and action over words.

Undergraduate Sexuality Studies Association

Our mission is to bring positive spaces for the queer community and allies at York.

Glendon Women and Trans Centre

Any Glendon student can volunteer to run the centre. Its located on campus in the Hilliard Residence.  The Glendon Women and Trans Centre offer many seminars, activities, and reference services, as well as a food bank which is open to all students.

Glendon Lesbian Gay Bisexual Trans Organization

GLgbtq+ is a group that promotes a supportive environment for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, queer or any individual with diverse sexual or gender identities on York University's Glendon campus.

Centre for Women & Trans People

The CWTP is a feminist, anti-racist, pro-choice, queer positive and trans-positive, volunteer-driven social justice organization committed to breaking the social isolation that women and trans people face on and off campus through programming, socials and events.