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Workshop on Perceptual Capacities and Magnitudes, May 10-11

Workshop on Perceptual Capacities and Magnitudes, May 10-11


The Department of Philosophy is organizing an inter-disciplinary workshop on Perceptual Capacities and Magnitudes on May 10-11 at York University. The roster of speakers includes some of the most interesting researchers working on the boundary between the philosophy of perception and vision science:

Richard Murray, York University
“A New Model of Analog Mental Representation”
Commentator: Nico Orlandi, University of California at Santa Cruz

Darko Odic, University of British Columbia “Representational content versus representational format in perceptual magnitude representations”

Christopher Peacocke, Columbia University
“Magnitudes: Reality, Analog Computation, and Perception”
Commentator: Geoffrey Lee, University of California at Berkeley

Diana Raffman, University of Toronto
Title TBA

Susanna Schellenberg, Rutgers University “Perceptual Capacities”
Commentator: Kevin Lande, University of Antwerp & York University

Gerardo Viera, Centre for Philosophical Psychology, University of Antwerp
“Temporal Feature Placing and the Perceived Unity of Time”
Commentator: Zachary Kofi, Rutgers University

For more information and for registration, visit the workshop website at:

The workshop is generously supported by the Department of Philosophy, VISTA Program, Centre for Vision Research, Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies, and the Office of the Vice-President for Research and Innovation.