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Cognitive Science Faculty

Our Cognitive Science faculty hail from a variety of departments, including Philosophy, Psychology, Linguistics, Computer Science, Information Technology, and Biology.

NameDepartment & FacultyOfficeExtensionEmail
Scott A. Adler
Research Area/Interests: Infant cognition; Vision; Developmental psychology
Psychology, HealthBSB
Gabriela Alboiu
Research Area/Interests: Control phenomenon; Argument structure; Structural encodings of discourse properties
Languages, Literatures and Linguistics, LA&PSS555
Robert Allison
Research Area/Interests: Human-computer interaction; Virtual reality; Machine vision; Perception of human motion
Computer Science, Science /
Center for Vision Research
Kristin Andrews
Research Area/Interests
: Comparative cognitive science; Animal cognition; Moral psychology; Social cognition; Folk psychology
Philosophy, LA&PSRoss
Melanie Baljko
Research Area/Interests
: Multimodal communication; Augmentative and alternative communication; Adaptive interfaces; Computational stylistics; Computer-supported collaborative writing; Women in computer science
Computer Science, ScienceLassonde
Jacob Beck
Research Area/Interests: Philosophy of perception; Philosophy of cognitive science; Mental representation; Concepts; Prelinguistic cognition; Number sense
Philosophy, LA&PSS439
Ellen Bialystok
Research Area/Interests: Cognitive development; General experimental; Second-language acquisition; Development of symbolic skills such as language, number, and spatial cognition in preschool and school-age children
Psychology, HealthBSB
Joey T. Cheng
Research Area/Interests: Psychology of human sociality; Social dynamics; Social stratification and equality in humans
Psychology, HealthBSB
Stephen Chen
Research Area/Interests: Experimental Analysis of Computational Intelligence techniques; Numerical and Combinatorial Optimization
Information Technology, LAPSDB
Oisín Deery
Research Area/Interests: Philosophy of mind and action; Moral psychology; Philosophy of artificial intelligence
Philosophy, LA&PSRoss
Mary Desrocher
Research Area/Interests: Pediatric neuropsychology; Normative studies of memory functioning through the lifespan; The functioning of the hippocampus and frontal lobes in normal and altered development
Psychology, HealthBSB
James Elder
Research Area/Interests: Visual perception; Psychological and computational methods; Neural modeling
Psychology, HealthLassonde
Erez Freud
Research Area/Interests: Neural basis of object recognition; Visuomotor control; Neuropsychology
Psychology, HealthSHR
Vinod Goel
Research Area/Interests: Cognitive and neural basis of rational decision-making; Emotional processing
Psychology, HealthBSB
Verena Gottschling
Research Area/Interests: Philosophy of psychology; Philosophical foundations of cognitive science
Philosophy, LA&PSS444
Chris Green
Research Area/Interests: History of psychology; Theoretical cognitive science
Psychology, HealthBSB
Jarek Gryz
Research Area/Interests: Maximal vector computation; Query sampling; Query optimization via data mining; Semantic query caching
Computer Science, ScienceLassonde
Laurence Harris
Research Area/Interests: Vision; Vestibular system; Eye and head movements; Control systems; Neurophysiology Perception of motion; Psychophysics; Multi-sensory interaction
Psychology, HealthBSB
Jagdish Hattiangadi
Research Area/Interests: Philosophy of science; Philosophy of language; History of ideas; Metaphysics; Epistemology
Philosophy, LA&PSS437
Denise Y P Henriques
Research Area/Interests: Sensorimotor control and learning; Vision, haptics, kinesthesia; Sensorimotor integration; Computation simulations; Virtual reality; Cognitive neuroscience
Psychology, Kinesiology and Health Science, Health305 Calumet College -
Jimmy Huang
Research Area/Interests: Information retrieval; data mining; Natural language processing; Computational linguistics
Information Technology. LA&
Brian Huss
Research Area/Interests: Psychology of logical reasoning; Doxastic voluntarism; Moral psychology
Philosophy, LA&PSS414
Henry Jackman
Research Area/Interests: Philosophy of language; Philosophy of mind; Epistemology; American pragmatism
Philosophy, LA&PSS434
Michael Jenkin
Research Area/Interests: Computer vision; Virtual reality; Mobile robotics
Computer Science, ScienceLassonde
Janice M. Johnson
Research Area/Interests: Cognitive development; General experimental; Cognition; Psycholinguistics; Cognitive process analysis
Psychology, HealthBSB
David Jopling
Research Area/Interests: Philosophy of psychology; Continental philosophy
Philosophy, LA&PSS435
Kohitij Kar
Research Area/Interests: Visual cognition; Computer vision; Electrophysiology; Chemogenetics; Autism spectrum disorder
Biology, ScienceLassonde
Kerry Kawakami
Research Area/Interests: Implicit social categorization processes including how we perceive people from different social groups, how we react to intergroup bias, and strategies to reduce prejudice, stereotyping, and discrimination
Psychology, Health BSB 327 66144
Peter Jes Kohler
Research Area/Interests: Visual neuroscience; Perceptual organization
Psychology, Health SHR
Kevin Lande
Research Area/Interests: Philosophy of cognitive science; Philosophy of perception; Mental representation; Perceptual organization; Shape and object perception
Philosophy, LA&PSS443
Yves Lesperance
Research Area/Interests: Knowledge representation; Autonomous agents and multi-agent systems; Cognitive robotics
Computer Science, ScienceLassonde
Liya Ma
Research Area/Interests: Cognitive control and flexibility; cognitive and computational neurophysiology
Psychology, HealthBSB 365N/
Suzanne MacDonald
Research Area/Interests: Comparative cognition; Spatial cognition; Language and communication
Psychology, HealthBSB
Johannes Mahr
Research Area/Interests: Philosophy of cognitive science; memory; imagination; communication
Philosophy, LA&PSRoss N824N/
Alexandru Manafu
Research Area/Interests: Philosophy of Science; Metaphysics of Science
Philosophy, LA&PSS414A
Raymond Mar
Research Area/Interests: Cognitive effects of narrative fiction; Social cognition; Autobiographical memory
Psychology, HealthBSB
Parisa Moosavi
Research Area/Interests: Theoretical Ethics (including Ethics of Artificial Intelligence)
Philosophy, LA&PS S424 RossN/
Richard Murray
Research Area/Interests: Perceptual psychology; Visual psychophysics; Perceptual organization; Three-dimensional shape perception
Psychology, Health / Centre for Vision ResearchLassonde
Susan Murtha
Research Area/Interests: Cognitive impairment; Aging Memory
Psychology, HealthBSB
Chandan Narayan
Research Area/Interests: Acoustic-phonetics; Speech Perception Language acquisition; Psycholinguistics
Languages, Literatures and Linguistics, LA&PSS546A
Norman Park
Research Area/Interests: Cognitive and neuropsychological processes associated with perceiving and remembering; Attention and memory
Psychology, HealthBSB
Juan Pascual-Leone
Research Area/Interests: Developmental and cognitive processes  
Psychology, HealthBSB
Thanujeni Pathman
Research Area/Interests: Memory and memory development; Developmental cognitive neuroscience; Cognitive development
Psychology, HealthBSB
Judy Pelham
Research Area/Interests: Logic Logical truth; The logic of conditionals
Philosophy, LA&PSS440
Jill Rich
Research Area/Interests: Clinical, semantic memory, implicit memory and prospective memory; Memory processing in normal aging and dementia; Cognitive processes; Neural basis of behaviour
Psychology, HealthBSB
Regina Rini
Research Area/Interests: Ethics psychology; Moral Cognition; Social Epistemology
Philosophy, LA&PSS416
Shayna Rosenbaum
Research Area/Interests: Clinical neuropsychology and cognitive neuroscience; Cognitive and neural basis of remote memory (spatial, episodic, semantic) and mental state attributions; Lesion and FMRI methods
Psychology, HealthAC
Anne Russon
Research Area/Interests: Comparative studies of nonhuman primates; Infant social and cognitive development; Imitation Tool use; Social vs. ecological intelligence; The evolution of primate intelligence
Psychology, GLYork Hall, 165
Ayana Samuel
Research Area/Interests: Philosophy of action; Communication; Developmental psychology
Philosophy, LA&PSRoss S414DN/
Jeffrey Schall
Research Area/Interests: Visual, cognitive, and computational neurophysiology
Biology, Science0003F LassondeN/
Lauren Sergio
Research Area/Interests: Behavioural and electromyographic studies of multi-joint movement coordination; Neural mechanisms underlying visually guided reaching in parietal and precentral cortex; Control of voluntary movement in neurological patient populations
Psychology, Kinesiology and Health Science, HealthNorman Bethune
Laleh Seyyed-Kalantari
Research Area/Interests: AI fairness, AI in medical imaging, large language models fairness, responsible AI, AI risks
Stuart Shanker
Research Area/Interests: Parent-child relationships and children's development; Role of emotion in evolution and development of language, intelligence, social skills and empathy; Interaction between development of mind and brain
Psychology, HealthTEL
Liz Smeets
Research Area/Interests: First language acquisition; Second language acquisition; First language attrition; Syntax-discourse interface; Linguistic approaches in the foreign language classroom
Languages, Literatures and Linguistics, LAPSRoss
Jennifer Steele
Research Area/Interests: Implicit social cognition; Stereotype development; Social perception
Psychology, HealthBSB
Jennifer K Steeves
Research Area/Interests: Cognitive neuroscience; Neuroplasticity; Neuroimaging; TMS
Psychology, HealthSHR
Dale Stevens
Research Area/Interests: Cognition and aging; Conceptual processing; Memory and perceptual abstraction
Psychology, HealthSHR
Maggie Toplak
Research Area/Interests: Clinical developmental psychology; Cognitive processes; Individual differences; Youth
Psychology, HealthBSB
Niko Troje
Research Area/Interests: Visual perception; People perception; Sensorimotor control; Biological motion; Virtual reality
Biology, ScienceLSB
Gary Turner
Research Area/Interests: Cognitive neuroscience; Executive control; Neurorehabilitation; Brain networks and adult lifespan development
Psychology, HealthBSB
Claudine Verheggen
Research Area/Interests: Philosophy of Language; Philosophy of Mind; Wittgenstein Davidson
Philosophy, LA&PSS436
Duff Waring
Research Area/Interests: Philosophy of psychiatry; Conceptions of mental disorder; Personality traits and ethical virtues in psychotherapy
Philosophy, LA&PSS428
Laurie Wilcox
Research Area/Interests: Stereoscopic vision; 3D film technology; Second-order stereopsis
Psychology, HealthLassonde
Richard Wildes
Research Area/Interests: Computational vision, especially video understanding, as well as allied areas of artificial intelligence and machine vision applications
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Lassonde School of EngineeringLassonde
Frances Wilkinson
Research Area/Interests: Migraine and the visual system; Vision and aging; Intermediate level form perception; Face perceptions
Psychology, HealthLassonde
Hugh Wilson
Research Area/Interests: Psychophysics; Visual network models; Cortical neuron models; Nonlinear dynamics in neuroscience
Biology, ScienceLassonde
Melody Wiseheart
Research Area/Interests: Developmental cognitive neural science; Cognitive flexibility and executive function; Educational applications of cognitive psychology
Psychology, HealthBSB
Joel Zylberberg
Research Area/Interests: Computational neuroscience; Machine learning; Vision
Physics, SciencePSE