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Career Options in DEM

York University's Disaster and Emergency Management programs present many opportunities for exciting and rewarding careers in Canada, the United States and globally. There is an increasing demand for disaster and emergency managers, coordinators, consultants and business continuity experts with formal education in this area.

Prepare for a rewarding career as a(n):

  • Emergency Management Coordinator
  • Emergency Management Consultant
  • Business Continuity Planning Professional
  • Disaster Recovery Coordinator
  • Disaster Risk Specialist
  • Community Coordinator
  • Humanitarian Assistance Professional

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There's so much more that should be done in emphasizing disasters and how we prepare for them. Education on this subject is so important which is why I got interested in this field. It's really mind blowing. It's given me a much broader view on everything about people.

— Sophia Wicho, DEM student

Where can I find a job after graduation?

In Canada, employment opportunities exist in the public and private sector. A few examples of federal and provincial institutions include:

  • Public Safety Canada
  • Emergency Management Ontario
  • Provincial Emergency Program in British Columbia
  • Local municipalities

Business Continuity Planning is a new area where positions are being created in a number of agencies, organizations and institutions in order to prepare for unforeseen disruptions. Universities and colleges currently offering a variety of programs in disaster and emergency management will soon have a demand for teaching faculty and research positions. NGOs such as Red Cross, Oxfam, UNICEF and CARE Canada are some of the internationally recognized institutions in need of experts as well.

United Nations agencies actively engaged in the area of disasters and emergencies include: