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The School of Human Resource Management (SHRM) at York University is Canada's leader in HRM education.

SHRM houses the single largest group of scholars of any Canadian university dedicated to the study of work, and all that it entails. Our cutting-edge research, undertaken within the range of methodological, ontological, and epistemological perspectives, addresses real-world problems and significant intellectual debates.

Expertise of our faculty members ranges all areas of HRM specialization, including but not limited to: career management, compensation, critical management studies, labour and employment law, gender and diversity, global HRM, industrial relations, recruitment and selection, labour economics and statistics, strategic HRM, training and development, and work-nonwork issues.

Over the past five years, our faculty members held SSHRC grants totaling over one million Canadian dollars and have published dozens of books and leading research papers in many of the world's top peer-reviewed academic journals.

SHRM delivers unique and innovative programs at the Undergraduate, Masters and Doctoral levels

HR Edge Launch

Thank you to Dr. Amanda Shantz and Glain Roberts-McCabe for their insightful and thought-provoking presentations at the HR Edge Launch. We appreciate the effort everyone made to celebrate with us.

participants at launch participants at launch participants at launch participants at launch
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Student Research Projects

Students enrolled in Research Methods 4420 undertook large-scale quantitative research projects in teams this semester. Teams generated interesting HRM/OB research questions, collected and analyzed survey data, and presented their work to one another via an in-class poster presentations.

group of students around their poster group of students around their poster group of students around their poster group of students around their poster group of students around their poster
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SHRM Teaching Awards

The 2013 SHRM Teaching Awards were handed to three of our fine faculty for their teaching excellence. Learn more about their teaching philosophies and what these awards mean to them.

julia richardson
Julia Richardson
Tenured Category
amanda shantz
Amanda Shantz
Tenure Track Category
Indira Somwaru
Indira Somwaur
Sessional/Contract Category

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  • Professor Jelena Zikic is presenting her recent work on Immigrant Professional Identity this Thursday Sept. 18th 2pm to 4pm as part of the CERIS public event panel. Attending and more details.
  • Professor Zikic will also be presenting to a practitioner audience of the Strategic Capability Network (SCN) on Oct. 16th from 7:30am to 9:30am at The National Club in Toronto, addressing the topic of: Jobs Without People - People without Jobs

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Edited Books

  • Kelliher, C. & Richardson, J. (Eds.) (2011). New ways of organizing work: Developments, perspectives and experiences. Routledge. Publisher

Book Chapters

  • Doorey, D. (2012). International Business and Globalization. In P. Kissick (Ed.), Aspects of Business Ethics: Concepts, Cases, and Canadian Perspectives. Emond Montgomery. Review
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Journal Articles (2013)

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* Doctoral student

People and Organization Conference - Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

  • Professor Zikic and Professor Julia Richardson have been invited to present their work at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania on Oct. 10th as part of their People and Organization Conference.

Academy of Management 2013 (Orlando, FL, USA)

  • deGama, N.* (2013). State of HRM education: A Canadian context.
  • Harrison, J.A.,* & Budworth, M.H. (2013). Unintended consequences of an online presence: Effects on hiring-related decisions.
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  • McKenna, S. (2013). Creating the functionaries of global capitalism: The role of global human resource management.
  • Salawu, K.* (2013). Religious identity construction in the workplace: A case study.
  • Samnani, A.-K., Boekhorst, J.A.,* & Harrison, J.A.* (2013). Bullying as a form of counter- mobilization: Exploring workplace bullying within the organizing drive.

Administrative Sciences Association of Canada 2013 (Calgary, AB, Canada)

  • Boey, A.,* & Rochon, M.* (2013). Recruitment and selection: Exploring the paradigms.
  • Cole, N., & Malik, A.R.* (2013). Investigating the relationship between personality and expatriate coping strategies.
  • Frawley, S.* (2013). Altruistic deviance.
  • Harrison, J.A.* (2013). Boredom in the workplace: An exploration of boredom among highly skilled professionals.
  • Harrison, J.A.,* & Singh, P. (2013). Where's the 'employee' in employee ownership research? Uncovering employee perceptions of a profit-sharing culture.
  • Malik, A.R.* (2013). Newcomer immigrants' socialization in the workplace: The role of customized socialization tactics.
  • Salawu, K.* (2013). The Americanization of the internationalized curriculum in a globalized context.

Canadian Industrial Relations Association 2013 (Toronto, ON, Canada)

  • Boekhorst, J.A.,* & Harrison, J.A.* (2013). The role of shared perceptions of morally legitimate HRM practices in fostering a climate of inclusion and voice behaviours.
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Critical Management Studies 2013 (Manchester, UK)

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Eastern Academy of Management 2013 (Baltimore, MD, USA)

  • Harrison, J.A.* (2013). Authentic leadership and emotional burnout as an unintended consequences.

European Group for Organizational Studies 2013 (Montreal, QC, Canada)

  • Peticca-Harris, A.* (2013). What's love got to do with it? The experience of a workplace crush.
  • Peticca-Harris, A.,* McKenna, S., deGama, N.* (2013). Considering the ethics of 'doing' and 'being' HRM: A practice-based approach.

Society for Industrial Organizational Psychology 2013 (Houston, TX, USA)

  • Rubino, C., Wilkin, C.L., & Spitzmueller, C. (2013). Work-family conflict and strain: Does gender matter?

Southern Management Association 2013 (New Orleans, LA, USA)

  • Burke, R., Boekhorst, J.A.,* & Singh, P. (2013). When working hard does not pay off: Exploring the effects of work intensity and work hours on intent to quit and psychological well-being.
  • Samnani, A., Harrison, J.A.,* & Boekhorst, J.A.* (2013). Expressing emotions through victimization to achieve performance outcomes: An EASI theory perspective.
  • Stone, T.H., Foster, J., Webster, B., & Jawahar, J., Harrison, J.A.* (2013). Are gender differences in performance disappearing? Large sample evidence.

* Doctoral student

Laxmikant Manroop a SHRM Doctoral Graduate Wins Prestigious Award in First Year Post-Graduation
Read More (pdf)

Gustavson School Award for Best Qualitative Paper Nomination (Academy of Management Conference 2014) for: Cole, N., *Malik, A.R., & *DeGama, N. "When spouses trail along: Gender differences in needs for expatriate partner assistance."

Honourable Mention Award, Gender and Diversity in Organizations Division (Administrative Sciences Association of Canada Conference 2014), for: *Malik, A.R., & Cole, N. "Gender differences in the vicarious impact of employee discipline on co-worker performance."


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