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Scholars’ Hub

Broaden your mind with the Scholars' Hub @ Home Speaker Series

Do you enjoy hearing about the latest thought-provoking research? The Scholars’ Hub @ Home speaker series features discussions on a broad range of topics, with engaging lectures from some of York’s best minds. The Scholars’ Hub events are done in partnership with Vaughan Public Libraries, Markham Public Library, and Aurora Public Library. The Scholars' Hub @ Home series is brought to you by York Alumni Engagement. We invite students, alumni and all members of the community to join us. All sessions take place at 12pm ET.

Alison Harvey, Assistant Professor, Communications Program, Glendon College

In partnership with Glendon College, York University. | En partenariat avec le Collège universitaire Glendon, l’Université York. Présentation bilingue avec interprétation simultanée disponible.

While video games have become one of the largest media industries in the world, they continue to suffer from a narrow and often negative public perception, as mindless entertainment at best and addictive at worst. With lockdowns and increased time indoors and in front of screens over the last year, time and money spent on video games has only increased, with the games industry one of the few to profit from the pandemic.
This talk considers the role that video games play in our lives, focusing on the benefits and opportunities presented by gaming during the pandemic. Research has found that games present a myriad of positive experiences and impacts. We will discuss these social, creative, and intellectual possibilities as well as positive outcomes in terms of health and wellbeing.

Les jeux vidéo sont devenus l’une des plus grandes industries médiatiques au monde. Cette industrie est d’ailleurs l’une des rares à avoir profité de la pandémie. Lors des confinements de l’année 2020, le temps passé à l’intérieur (notamment devant des écrans) ainsi que le temps et l’argents consacrés aux jeux vidéo n’ont cessé d’augmenter. Toutefois, la perception du public demeure étroite et souvent négative : les jeux vidéo sont considérés comme abrutissants dans le meilleur des cas et addictifs dans le pire des cas.
Cette conversation revient sur le rôle que jouent les jeux vidéo en se concentrant sur leurs avantages et leurs possibilités durant la pandémie. Selon des études, ils présentent en effet une multitude d’expériences et d’impacts positifs. Nous discuterons de ces perspectives sociales, créatives et intellectuelles ainsi que des retombées positives en matière de santé et de bien-être.

Details TBC.

Danielle Howard, Assistant Professor in Theatre, Theatre History & Dramaturgy

Not only does popular representations of American basketball center Black bodies, but the sport also possesses lyrical combinations of movements that offer metaphors to theorize the conditions of Black lives. This talk highlights basketball as a theatrical craft and what the improvisational choreography of Black basketball players might demonstrate.

Dr. Danielle A.D. Howard holds a PhD in Theatre and Performance Studies from UCLA and writes at the intersections of race, gender, performance, visual and sonic culture. She is currently working on a monograph titled Making Moves: Race, Basketball, and Embodied Resistance that spans the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.