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Broaden your mind with the Scholars' Hub @ Home Speaker Series

Do you enjoy hearing about the latest thought-provoking research? The Scholars’ Hub @ Home speaker series features discussions on a broad range of topics, with engaging lectures from some of York’s best minds. The Scholars’ Hub events are done in partnership with Vaughan Public Libraries, Markham Public Library, and Aurora Public Library. The Scholars' Hub @ Home series is brought to you by York Alumni Engagement. We invite students, alumni and all members of the community to join us. All sessions take place at 12pm ET.

Dr. Mark Winfield, Professor, Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change, Co-Chair of the Faculty's Sustainable Energy Initiative

This presentation will focus on the effects the pandemic has had on human behaviour, such as reduced travel, related fossil fuel use and emissions due to remote work arrangements vs. the potential for declines in the use of low-carbon transportation options, particularly public transit, and moves in the direction of lower density urban forms. Professor Winfield will also discuss the changes in environmental law, regulations and policies that have been made in the context of the pandemic, and the extent to which they further embed unsustainable activities and behaviours or move a post-pandemic recovery in the direction of sustainability.

Bonita Lawrence, Professor, Department of Humanities, LA&PS, Chair of the Department of Equity Studies, and Coordinator of the Indigenous Studies program

Indigenous peoples are too often expected to be pre-modern in outlook and to focus on the local rather than the international. And yet Native peoples have been adapting to modernity since first contact, and have travelled the world (particularly to England as the imperial capital) for centuries. This historical novel focuses on the Mi’kmaq people of the Atlantic coast, whose histories are seldom addressed in Canadian history and whose leaders first dealt with the imperial world over 400 years ago.

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