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Scholars’ Hub

Broaden your mind with the Scholars' Hub @ Home Speaker Series

Do you enjoy hearing about the latest thought-provoking research? The Scholars’ Hub @ Home speaker series features discussions on a broad range of topics, with engaging lectures from some of York’s best minds. The Scholars’ Hub events are done in partnership with Vaughan Public Libraries, Markham Public Library, and Aurora Public Library. The Scholars' Hub @ Home series is brought to you by York Alumni Engagement. We invite students, alumni and all members of the community to join us. All sessions take place at 12pm ET.

Jen Gilbert, Professor, Faculty of Education

How will stay at home orders, virtual schooling, canceled proms, viral TikTok dances, boredom, and omnipresent doom inspire, or perhaps constrain, new sexual and gender formations? This presentation explores how the experience of living with and through the pandemic has shaped young people’s sense of their genders and sexualities.