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Young Alumni Programs

Young Alumni Ambassador Program

The Young Alumni Ambassador program connects York’s young alumni leaders with opportunities to partner with our team as we innovate and expand the reach of our vibrant young alumni community. 
Opportunities include: 

  • Participating in events and programs in leadership roles, such as panelists, emcees, guest speakers, or lead networkers 
  • Acting as advisors – helping to shape our young alumni programming for over 50,000 recent grads. 
  • Participating on Committees and working groups as representatives of the young alumni community 
  • Acting as amplifiers – helping to promote interesting and exciting initiatives or events to their social media networks.  

Interested in getting involved? Contact Nicole Light, Senior Alumni Engagement Officer at or 437-235-8754. 

2022-2023 Young Alumni Ambassadors

Prakash Amarasooriya (BSc ’15) | LinkedIn
Mikhaela Beerman (BA ’14, MEd ’18) | LinkedIn
Leya Choudhury (BES ’20) | LinkedIn
Zak Chowdhury (BA '18) | LinkedIn
Shelby Crawford (BSW ’18) | LinkedIn
Sara Elhawash (BA ’15) | LinkedIn
Meagan Ferriss (BA ’19) | LinkedIn
Avishek Gautam (BA ’22) | LinkedIn
Pablo Gonzalez (BSc ’22) | LinkedIn
Crystal Heidari (BSc ’17, JD ’20) | LinkedIn
Javheria Ibrahim (BA ’20) | LinkedIn
Sarah Karram (BENG '18) | LinkedIn
Sayem Khan (BBA ’19, MACC ’20) | LinkedIn
Alam Khandwala (BAS ’17) | LinkedIn
Avreen Kochhar (BHRM ’19) | LinkedIn

Melissa Ly (BSc ’22) | LinkedIn
Stephanie Mak (BA ’17, MA ’19) | LinkedIn
Victoria Medley-Parkins (BA ’20) | LinkedIn
Vrati Mehra (BSc ’18, MSc ’20) | LinkedIn
Javeria A. Mirza (BA ’20, MA ’22) | LinkedIn
Emily Morgan (BHRM '20, MSTM '21) | LinkedIn
Ronnie Roy O'Connor (BA ’22) | LinkedIn
Nathaly Minda Olarte (BA '19) | LinkedIn
Rutvi Patel (BA ’21) | LinkedIn
Melinda Phuong (BEd ’15, BA ’15, MEd ’18)
Amirarsalan Rahimian (BSC ’21) | LinkedIn
Gari Ravishankar (BHRM ’18) | LinkedIn
Sia Vatanchi (BA ’14) | LinkedIn
Amanvir Virdi (BSc ’19, MSc ’22)
Mohammad Mussab Zulfiqar (BA '16) | LinkedIn

Top 30 Alumni Under 30

York U’s Top 30 Alumni Under 30 program aims to recognize inspiring and diverse alumni 29 years old and younger who are driven to make a difference locally and globally. From business leaders championing equity, diversity and inclusion, to social impact researchers and environmental activists, York alumni working across all sectors are making meaningful differences in their communities. 

Does this sound like you or a York alumna/alumnus who you know? We want to hear from you!  

Eligibility criteria: Nominations are open to York University graduates who are 29 years of age or younger by Dec. 31, 2022 (born in 1993 or more recently). A graduate is defined as someone who has received an academic degree from York University. Students are not eligible for this award until they receive their degree. 

Candidates can self-nominate or be nominated. For further details on the awards and eligibility, visit our FAQ section . If you have any questions not addressed in FAQs please contact Senior Alumni Engagement Officer Nicole Light at or 647-527-2550. 

Meet the 2023 Top 30 Alumni Under 30.

Click here for more information on the Top 30 Alumni Under 30 program.

Level Up Series

The Level Up series invites alumni leaders to help new grads navigate life and work after getting their degree, covering subjects like professional networking, career development, and life skills.

If you have any questions, or would like to present or host a Level Up session, please contact Senior Alumni Engagement Officer Nicole Light at or 437-235-8754.

Learn more and register for Level Up 2023 series.