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The 2022-2023 York Circle Lecture Series

Please join us for our 2022-2023 York Circle lecture series, where we welcome Jennifer Steeves as the new Academic Chair for the new season. As associate vice-president research (AVPR), she will moderate sessions as some of York’s leading faculty members present on a wide variety of interesting topics related to this year’s theme The Pandemic: COVID’s Impact on Canada’s health care system.

The aftermath: Where do we stand living with COVID for two years.

Oct. 29, 2022 | 10-12pm ET 

Pat Armstrong, Professor Emeritus, Distinguished Research Professor of Sociology

Covid's impact on long-term care
The COVID-19 pandemic had a particularly devastating impact on long-term care homes, which only added to the pressure of a movement to “deinstitutionalize” these important facilities through privatization and increased resort to in-homecare. Pat Armstrong has spent the past 20 years conducting international research on long-term care homes and the benefits of retaining them while making them as good as they can be for everyone who lives in, works in or visits in them. Her current work includes an investigation into the state of the healthcare labour force and especially those working in long-term care.

Skye Fitzpatrick, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Health, Department of Psychology

PTSD Interventions for All: A scalable method of targeting PTSD in the pandemic
Skye Fitzpatrick is a professor in the psychology department of York’s Faculty of Health. A clinical psychologist by training, she studies post-traumatic stress disorder and is developing online self-help interventions for couples designed to treat the partner with PTSD symptoms and enhance relationships. Her work looks at members of the military, veterans, first responders, healthcare workers and people with COVID-related PTSD regardless of occupation. She will talk about her studies to date and explain why the intervention method she is developing is suitable for patients with PTSD.

Farah Ahmad, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Health, CIHR New Investigator in Primary Health Care

eHealth and equity – where do we stand?
During the COVID pandemic, healthcare providers turned to online tools to deliver services remotely, causing a rethink of how digital innovation could be used then and in the future. While this has led to many positive impacts on the health care system, it has also increased existing inequities, particularly for vulnerable communities. Professor Ahmad’s research focuses on how e-health has affected the access to mental health supports among various communities, including refugees and immigrant families, caregivers of autistic children, students and others. She will share some results of her research and pose questions for the future on how to adapt ehealth for a broader patient population.

Ideas for Life, Living and the World Around Us

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