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Create Your Legacy at York University

York University has a legacy of revolutionizing education through a commitment to accessibility, social justice and interdisciplinary research and teaching. Donating to York is one of the ways you can participate in this legacy. By giving a legacy gift, you make an impact at York that will extend beyond your lifetime to change the lives of generations of York students and scholars, all while meeting your philanthropic and financial goals. A legacy gift enables you to invest in York’s future and preserve wealth for yourself, your loved ones and your immediate and future needs.

What is Legacy Giving?

For many people, legacy or planned giving is an easy and meaningful way to make a donation that provides a lasting contribution to York while maximizing tax advantages and financial security today. It is arranged in the present and allocated at a future date, usually after a donor’s lifetime. Through this kind of giving, you are able to make a much larger gift than you may have thought possible.

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How Your Legacy Gift Makes a Difference

York University is built on the generosity and planning of a community of visionary donors who: transform the lives of students through scholarships and bursaries; help our researchers deliver groundbreaking discoveries; expand the resources of York Libraries; sustain innovative programs; and provide facilities our students need to thrive in their work.


Legacy gifts come in many forms. Find the type that is right for you:

Benefits of Legacy Giving

  • You will help strengthen the University experience for our students, enhance research and benefit society for years to come.
  • You create a legacy at York University in your own name or in honour of someone special.
  • Your assets can remain in your control during your lifetime, allowing you to use what you need and give the remainder.
  • You may choose to support a specific area that is most important to you, such as scholarships or research, or leave the funds undesignated for key priorities determined by the university’s leadership.
  • You can make a significant impact through a future contribution to York, while maximizing tax advantages and maintaining financial stability for yourself and your loved ones.

Recognizing Your Generosity

Your support will nurture and inspire the bright minds of tomorrow, and when you confidentially let York know of your intention to remember the University through a legacy gift, your generosity will be celebrated and recognized today. Legacy benefactors are welcomed into the White Rose Legacy Circle, a group of like-minded donors who help the University in this special way. Informing us of your intentions also helps ensure that we will be able to accept and use your gift according to your wishes.

Contact Us

To begin creating your York legacy, get in touch with us for a confidential discussion to explore your options. We are here to help you set up a gift in the most meaningful, tax-efficient way. Informing us of your intentions helps ensure that we will be able to accept and use your gift according to your wishes. Your generosity will be celebrated and recognized today since you will be welcomed as a special member of York’s White Rose Legacy Circle