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Portuguese & Luso-Brazilian Studies’ youth summer program returns for 2018

Portuguese & Luso-Brazilian Studies’ youth summer program returns for 2018


York University’s Portuguese & Luso-Brazilian Studies program will returns its youth summer program in July for students ages 14 to 18 (or Grades 9 to 12) of any cultural or linguistic background.

The program runs daily (Monday to Friday) from 8:30am to 3:30pm, from July 9 to 13. Most sessions will take place at York University’s Keele campus, but some will be held off campus. Breakfast and lunch will be provided.

More than 250 million people worldwide speak Portuguese, making it the fourth most-spoken mother tongue around the globe. It is the official language of nine countries, of numerous international organizations and of several migrant communities all over the world, including right here in Toronto.

These and other facts will be discussed during York University’s youth summer program, which will have the theme “The Lusophone World: Musical and Artistic Expressions”.

During the fun and creative sessions, students will:

  • explore historical and cultural experiences;
  • examine issues of identity, education, migration, gender and ethnicity;
  • consider the richness of the Lusophone (Portuguese-speaking) world, along with its global and local contributions; and
  • experience hands-on learning, archival collections and on- and off-site community engagement.

All sessions will be delivered by experienced educators, facilitators, volunteers and students from York University. They will ensure students come away with a much greater understanding of academic work and university life, while having the opportunity to make new friends, gain new skills and stimulate their imagination. Most importantly, participants will leave with greater knowledge of the Lusophone world, with its vibrant cultures and histories.

The deadline to register is June 1. Registration forms can be filled out online at