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Editorial Board

We are delighted to introduce Global Voices at York, an online magazine launched by York University’s ESL and English Language Studies Program. Our magazine’s purpose is to inform students and faculty of upcoming events, highlight our students’ accomplishments, and publish our students’ outstanding work. 

Our Board of Directors is thrilled to provide our readers and collaborators with an accessible site that recognizes student accomplishments and fosters a space for students to connect with members of our intercultural community. Global Voices at York integrates our goals and work as a Program. It values and promotes our students’ growth, enables critical exchanges, and acknowledges the significance of students’ diverse voices as responsible members of our global community. 

We feel honoured to be part of this exciting venture and hope our students enjoy the exciting opportunities and the many benefits our magazine offers. 

Our aim is to keep both faculty and students updated on events taking place either within our program at the University and in our city.”

— Fernanda Carra-Salsberg, Assistant Professor, Department of Languages, Literatures & Linguistics


Fernanda Carra-Salsberg

Chief Editor

Fernanda Carra-Salsberg is an Assistant Professor at York University’s Department of Languages, Literatures and Linguistics. She has been a postsecondary ...

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