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TESOL Courses

The Certificate requires the completion of 7 courses (30 credits) as follows:

  • AP/TESL 3200 6.0 Methodology of TESOL (open to TESOL students only; does NOT count towards your BA)
  • AP/TESL 3300 6.0 Practicum in TESOL
    • May be taken at the same time as, but not before AP/TESL 3200.
    • Open to TESOL students only; does NOT count towards your BA.
  • AP/LING 1000 6.0 Introduction to Linguistics
  • AP/LING 3240 3.0 Second Language Acquisition
    • Pre-requisite: AP/LING 1000 6.0 or AP/LING 2060 6.0
  • AP/LING 3160 3.0 Discourse Analysis
    • Pre-requisite: AP/LING 1000 6.0 or AP/LING 2060 6.0
  • AP/TESL 3600 3.0 Socio-Political Issues in Second Language Teaching
    • Open to TESOL students only; does count towards your BA.

One 3.0 credit elective course chosen from the following:

  • AP/LING 2110 3.0 Phonetics; OR
  • AP/LING 2400 3.0 Language in its Social Context; OR
  • AP/LING 2430 3.0 Language, Power and Persuasion; OR
  • AP/LING 2450 3.0 Language and the Law

*due to a limited selection this year, two additional courses to choose from for the 3.0 credit elective for FW2021 session are AP/LING 2410 3.0 Language and Gender or AP/LING 2420 3.0 Language and Culture

Due to COVID-19, the Department of Languages, Literatures & Linguistics will not be offering in-person classes this semester.

When registering in our courses, you will be presented with the following options: 

  • Online courses. All elements of these courses will be offered online without any fixed meeting time. You can do them at the time of your choosing (Asynchronously).
  • Remote courses. These courses will be delivered in real time via Zoom or other videoconferencing platform at the times indicated in the York Courses website (Synchronously). Some of these courses will have both real-time and non-real-time components.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

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Fall/Winter 2021 Enrolment

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