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Honours iBA FAQ

See below for some common questions we get about the Honours iBA. If your question(s) is unaddressed below, please contact us.

What is the difference between the iBA and the regular BA?

  • In the regular BA, you take a minimum of 15 credits in Language; in the iBA, you must take 18 credits in Language starting from 1080;
  • In the iBA you must go on an exchange (minimum: 1 semester);
  • In the iBA, you must take some "internationally-oriented" courses.

What are the requirements?

Please see the checklists or inquire at the Department of French Studies office, N727 Ross Building, 416-736-5086.

What are internationally-oriented courses?

They are courses with an international focus taken outside French Studies. Non-Language courses taken in the Department of Languages, Linguistics and Literature at the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies, or in the Department of Hispanic Studies at Glendon College may also be counted towards this requirement.

Are internationally-oriented courses the same as electives?

No. They have an international content and must be approved by the Department of French Studies. You need 12 "internationally-oriented" courses vs. 18 electives. However, the 12 credit requirement may count towards the 18 credit electives.

How do I find and choose internationally-oriented courses?

The Undergraduate Program Director is responsible for advising students and approving the 12 "Internationally-oriented" courses required.

How long is the exchange?

Students are required to spend at least one full term and no more than two in a French-speaking country or region outside Canada as a full-time student at one of York University's exchange partners. For the time being, exchange students will go to mainland France.

When can I go on exchange?

You will have completed at least 12 of your 18 credits in French language, i.e. AP/FR 1080, AP/FR 2081 and 2082, before you go on exchange. For students entering the program after the completion of 48 York credits, a minimum grade of B+ in AP/FR 2081 3.0, and AP/FR 2082 3.0 is required.

Can I go to Quebec?

No. Only exchanges outside Canada are eligible.

Can I go to any university?

No. It has to be a York International partner.