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Academic Advising

We are here to help you succeed! Do you have questions about your degree requirements, a specific course, student services on campus or the best way to get into a degree program? If you have any concerns about accessing the courses and services you need, we are here to help. Our advising appointments allow you to chat with an advisor who can lead you in the right direction, answer these questions and more.

Advising will be provided online until further notice. If you are an FR major seeking academic advice, please email to book an advising appointment via Zoom. Details of your virtual advising appointment will be emailed to you.

Grading System

Find out about the expectations and requirements in how we assign grades to optimize your study practices.

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GPA Calculator

Calculate your current grades and determine the marks you'll need going forward to hit a desired average.

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Career Options

Find out the wide range of career opportunities that are possible with a French degree.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When you attempt to ADD a French language course for the very first time, but cannot, you will see the message,

"The course has not been added. The spaces in this course are reserved. Please contact the department for further information."

Similar information is provided on Course Timetable site, located in the NOTES column, as follows:

"Placement questionnaire required prior to enrolling, otherwise course access denied. Please contact the department at 416-736-5086, Ross N727."

Both these messages mean that you require permission to enrol.

Please fill out a placement questionnaire and you should get a reply within 2 to 3 business days.

Absolutely, consult our course descriptions page for detailed information.

No. If you have already completed a French language course at YU, for example, AP/FR 1080, then the enrolment system will automatically recognize you as a continuing student with the appropriate prerequisite. You will not require a new questionnaire.

Please check out our core courses page.

If you need more information, contact the Department of French Studies at 416-736-5086 or send an email to and you should get a reply within 2-3 business days.

Central Advising in LA&PS

The Faculty of LA&PS Advising Team is also available to help you with issues such as changing degrees, fulfilling degree requirements, academic petitions, what to do when a class is full and more.