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Courses will be offered remotely during the Fall session of 2020. Information regarding the course will be accessible on the class Moodle site before classes start, and all assignment guidelines and key information will be posted regularly. Scheduled, real-time classes are mandatory and virtual office hours with your professor will be available. All course components will be completed remotely.

All students majoring in French Studies are required to take the following courses:

  • AP/FR 1080 6.0 French Language and Culture (All Diplomas)
  • AP/FR 2081 3.0 Written Communication in French (All Diplomas except Minor in French*)
  • AP/FR 2082 3.0 Oral Communication in French (All Diplomas except Minor in French*)
  • AP/FR 2100 6.0 Introduction to the Linguistic Study of French (All Diplomas)
  • AP/FR 2200 6.0 Approaches to French Literature: An Introduction (All Diplomas)
  • AP/FR 3081 3.0 Advanced Written Communication in French
  • AP/FR 3082 3.0 Advanced Oral Communication in French

*Students doing a Minor in French may choose between AP/FR 2081 (3.0) and AP/FR 2082 (3.0).

** Students may choose between AP/FR 3081 (3.0), AP/FR 3082 (3.0), AP/FR 3080 (6.0).
These courses are not mandatory for students doing a Minor in French.
These courses are usually offered every year.