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Core Courses

All BCom streams share the same common core of required courses. These include the introductory courses, disciplinary courses and a capstone course.

During the first two years of their BCom degree, students normally focus on core courses and general education courses. Students normally begin taking their stream-specific courses in their fifth (or forth) term of their studies.

New students that are usure of their choice of stream are encouraged to learn more about the streams as they take their core courses and discuss the matter with an academic advisor.

The core BCom courses listed below are as per the 2020-2021 University Calendar, which outlines the degree expectations for students starting their studies at York University in the following terms: Fall 2020, Winter 2021, Summer 2021.  

Students should always consult the University Calendar of their year of entry into the program for their program requirements.

Core BCom Courses

The table below the core required courses for all specialized Honours streams. The core requirements include 45 credits, comprised of 15 courses, 3 credits each. The core requirements for the ordinary degree (90-credit) include 42 credits.

Course CodeCourse Name
Introductory CoursesAP/ADMS 1000 3.00;
AP/ADMS 1010 3.00;
AP/ECON 1000 3.00;
AP/ECON 1010 3.00;
Introduction to Business
Exploring the Functions of Business
Introduction to Microeconomics
Introduction to Macroeconomics
Disciplinary CoursesAP/ADMS 2200 3.00;
AP/ADMS 2320 3.00;
AP/ADMS 2400 3.00;
AP/ADMS 2500 3.00;
AP/ADMS 2510 3.00;
AP/ADMS 2511 3.00;
AP/ADMS 2610 3.00;
AP/ADMS 3351 3.00;
AP/ADMS 3530 3.00;*
AP/ADMS 3660 3.00;**
Introduction to Marketing
Business Statistics
Introduction to Organizational Behaviour
Introduction to Financial Accounting
Introduction to Management Accounting
Management Information Systems
Elements of Law: Part One
Operations Management
Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
Capstone CourseAP/ADMS 4900 3.00**Management Policy Part I


* Students in the human resources stream may substitute any 3000 level or above ADMS course in place of AP/ADMS 3530 3.00. Students who wish to meet the requirement of CHRP certification should take AP/HRM 3430 3.00 (cross-listed to: AP/ADMS 3430 3.00).

** AP/ADMS 3660 is not a required course for the Ordinary BCom (90-credit). Students in the Ordinary BCom (90-credit) must take one of two capstone courses AP/ADMS 3900 3.00 or AP/ADMS 3920 3.00.