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Social Orientation

Make new friends, become comfortable at York and make the most of your university experience. Join the fun at Social Orientation, also known as Frosh Week (held in the fall) or Frost Week (held in the winter), offered by your College Council.

During this often week-long event, you’ll have the option to participate in a wide range of social activities including sports challenges, a carnival night, live performances and fun field trips.

You’ll discover there's no better way to meet new people and familiarize yourself with the campus than to attend Frosh or Frost week.

Discover your College to know which Frosh Week is for you.

2023 Frosh Week Schedules

Founders College Frosh Week

Frosh Week 2023 is your first chance to see the social side of University life. During frosh week, you will meet fellow first-year students within your program as well as upper year students!

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New College Frosh Week

We are beyond excited to welcome you into the New College Family. If you are unable to attend the in-person events we will also be hosting online events.

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McLaughlin College Frosh Week

Welcome to McLaughlin Frosh Week! We have a fun week of events planned to help you feel welcomed and excited about your first year.

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Vanier College Frosh Week

We are excited to welcome you to Vanier Frosh Week! You are invited to experience a week of adventure as you get orientated to York university.

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