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English Language Studies Courses

Browse through the database below to explore courses that will fulfill certain degree requirements in the English Language Studies program.

When registering for classes on the Course Timetable website, be sure to carefully read through the "Notes/Additional Fees" section of each course you select.

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AP/ESL 1000 6.00
Canadian Language And Culture

Crosslisted: AP/HUMA 1220 This course has two main objectives. First, it aims at fostering those language skills which students using English as a second language need to succeed academically in the multicultural, English-medium context at ...

AP/ESL 1010 3.00
Advancing Reading And Writing In Academic Contexts

This course aims to help students from an ESL background to improve writing and reading skills necessary for academic success in undergraduate degree programs. The interdisciplinary course draws on a range of topics and texts ...

AP/ESL 1015 3.00
Advancing Oral Communication For Esl Students

This course aims to help students from an ESL background advance their oral communication skills for academic success. The focus is on strategies for interacting in groups and with individuals, as well as presenting formally ...

AP/ESL 1200 6.00
Society And Culture

This course provides an introduction to topics in the social sciences for students from an ESL background. The content focusses on social issues and the diversity of human experience while addressing the development of English ...

AP/ESL 1450 6.00
Thinking About Contemporary Canada

Crosslisted: AP/HUMA 1745 Examines issues critical to Canadian society and culture through texts representing a range of voices and genres - from text to film, official to creative, rooted in Canada to immigrant. Key themes ...

AP/ESL 2000 6.00
Language In Use

This course provides non-native speakers of English with opportunities to further advance their academic communication skills through a content-based approach. Students engage with multiple genres and texts about issues related to English specifically and languages ...

AP/ESL 3010 3.00
Introduction To Intercultural Communication

This course focusses on intercultural communication for students from an English language learning background. Students will develop critically reflective strategies to build intercultural awareness and apply intercultural communication strategies in a range of contexts. The ...

AP/ESL 3020 3.00
World Englishes And Translingual Communication

This course examines the English language and multilingualism in the current global context, focusing on how bi/multilingual individuals from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds bring different languages into writing and communication. Exploring a range of ...

AP/ESL 4015 3.00
Using English For Specific Purposes

This course examines English language and communication for different purposes with an emphasis on the specificities of language use in disciplinary and academic programs, professional contexts, and sociocultural purposes. Students will identify how language is ...

AP/ESL 4025 3.00
Critical Academic Literacies

Academic ways of talking, reading, and writing are fundamentally social practices that are sites for identity formation and negotiation. This course encourages students to develop an ability to effectively produce, synthesize, and analyze texts. Students ...