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AP DLLL 1000 6.0 World Literatures in Perspective

AP DLLL 1000 6.0 World Literatures in Perspective

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AP/DLLL 1000 6.00

World Literatures in Perspective

Course counts as HUMA

Examines literary works from around the globe that have had a major influence beyond their own time and place and explores how they take on new meanings as they move across linguistic, cultural and temporal borders. By examining literary works alongside such disciplines as linguistics, philosophy, history, art, cultural studies, theatre and film studies, the course pays attention to such topics as translation, cross-cultural contacts and exchange, and analyses processes by which concepts of ‘national’ and ‘world’ literature are constructed.
Notes: The course is especially recommended for students enrolled in Department of Languages, Literatures and Linguistics degree programs and literature, language and linguistics courses and those who wish to pursue traditional and non-traditional area studies, and for those aiming to pursue an international career (such as diplomatic relations, publishing, communications, business, administration), community work or graduate work in comparative literature and cultural studies.