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AP/GER 4600 3.0 Berlin: History and Memory

AP/GER 4600 3.0 Berlin: History and Memory

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AP/GER 4600 3.00

Berlin: History and Memory

This course examines the city of Berlin from its emergence as a major metropolis in the early 20th century to the present, with a focus on the following questions: 1) how has the city been imagined and represented over time in a wide range of media; 2) who were the figures who shaped, and were shaped by, the city; 3) how is Berlin's complex history remembered today through architecture, memorials, and other public spaces; 4) why has Berlin become an important case study for contemporary urban issues, e.g. gentrification, housing, migration, etc.?
Note: Students enrolling through German Studies are required to complete most readings in German and write some assignments in German. For students enrolling through Humanities there is no prerequisite and knowledge of German is not required.
Course credit exclusions: AP/GER 3600 3.00, AP/HUMA 3600 3.00.