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LING 3210 3.0 - First Language Acquisition

LING 3210 3.0 - First Language Acquisition

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AP/LING 3210 3.00

First Language Acquisition

This course provides an introduction to children's acquisition of linguistic knowledge, including lexical, morphological, phonological, syntactic, and pragmatic development, and familiarizes students with fundamental issues in current theoretical models of language acquisition. In addition, children's use of processing strategies for comprehension and production and the roles of cognitive and social development will be examined.


FORMAT: Two 90-minute sessions weekly.

PREREQUISITES: AP/LING 1000 6.0 (or AP/LING 2800 3.0 for CogSci students) or AP/LING 3220 3.0 / AP/PSYCH 3290 3.0 with a grade of C or better