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Welcome to the Department of Economics

We are one of the largest and most diverse economic programs in the country. Here you’ll gain the skills for understanding and solving complex economic problems. Our award-winning faculty offer engaging classroom discussions, encourage collaborative learning and facilitate exciting research opportunities.  

Here’s how we stand out:

  • We are located in Toronto which is Canada's commercial and financial heart. Here, you have unique opportunities for hands-on learning from industry leaders.
  • IDEAS (the largest Economics bibliographic database) ranked York Economics in the top 25% of institutions and Economists in Canada. 
  • The department includes over 40 full-time faculty members who are specialists in the areas of international trade, micro-finance, labour economics and market forecasting, as well as environmental and development economics. 
  • We are continually recognized for our commitment to critical thinking and technical proficiency through traditional and new approaches.

Read our Land Acknowledgment which recognizes the unique and enduring relationship of Indigenous people and their traditional territory.

Through the Economics program at York I've gotten to know the interaction of the Canadian economy to the changes in government and central bank policies. It's been interesting to find out how fiscal and monetary policies effect the supply and demand of resources in the economy and businesses and how it effects individuals on the level of consumption and investment. Furthermore, because the program is so broad, as you progress there are courses to fulfill everyone's interest. Whether that's learning how to smartly invest your money into businesses for the greatest return or learning how to start or operate your own business efficiently in the wake of scarcity.

— Muddasir Khan
Student, Economics

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