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Deferred Standing

Students unable to write their final exam at the scheduled time or submit their outstanding course work on the last day of the class may request deferred standing.

Students are required to submit a mach form to request a deferred exam in an ECON course. Please refer to the Procedures below.

PROCEDURES To Request Deferred Standing of a Final ECON Exam:

  • The Mach form to defer a W24 ECON final exam is now available.
  • The Mach form is replacing the Final Exam/Assignment Deferred Standing Form (DSA).
  • Please submit one Mach form for each ECON course.
  • The Mach form must be submitted within 7 days of the date of the missed final exam. The same deadline dates apply as noted on the Deferred Standing website.
  • If you submit a DSA form to we will redirect you to the Mach form link which may delay the submission of your request.
  • Up until June 30, 2024, students are not required to submit a doctor’s note or an Attending Physician’s Statement in support of requests for deferred standing.
  • For all other reasons – travel, family emergency, death – you will need to submit documentation (in English) to support your request for a deferred final exam.  Travel documentation must include your full name and departure/return dates.  Please have these documents ready for uploading when you complete the Mach form.
  • Do not submit multiple Mach forms for the same ECON course.
  • Do not use the Mach form for missing a mid-term test or a mid-term exam. Please contact the instructor for the course and refer to the course outline for information regarding missing a test or mid-term exam.
  • When you submit a Mach form, you will receive an automatic reply confirming receipt of the Mach form and a confirmation number - please use this number if you need to contact the department. If you cannot locate it in your email inbox, please check your junk and spam folders for the automatic reply email.
  • You will be notified at the email you provide on the Mach form if your request for a deferred final exam is approved or denied. Deferred exams are scheduled at the discretion of the instructor and may not occur for several weeks.
  • Having to work at the time of the exam or non-emergency travel are not valid reasons for missing an exam.


  • This process is not for improving your final grade. 
  • Incomplete forms or missing information may result in the request being denied. 
  • Submitting the request and documentation does NOT guarantee permission to write the deferred exam. Only submissions meeting all requirements and/or at the discretion of the instructor will be granted permission. If your submission is not granted, you may submit a petition through your home Faculty to request deferred standing. 
  • Providing false information or documents is a breach of academic honesty.

If a Request for a Deferred Final Exam is Approved by the Department: 

If the request is approved, you will be contacted through the email you provide on the Mach form by the department or course director.

If a Request for Deferred Final Exam is Denied by the Department: 

If your course director denies the deferred exam request, you will be contacted through the email you provide on the Mach form by the department or course director. You can submit a petition for a deferred final exam at Academic Petitions website through your home Faculty. LA&PS students are not required to see an academic advisor before petitioning. You must submit the petition within 14 days of the missed exam. 

To Request Deferral of Final Course Work: 

For outstanding course work, you can reach an agreement with your course director to extend due dates before the Faculty's deadlines

Procedures for Missing a Mid-Term Exam: 

When you do not or cannot write a mid-term examination (not held during the formal examination period), you should make alternate arrangements to write the mid-term within the duration of the course with your course director. The DSA form is not required if you are asking to write a missed mid-term exam. Please review your course outline and speak with your course director for more information.