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The President's Creative Writing Awards

The President's Creative Writing Awards recognize excellence in the categories of short fiction, poetry, screenplay and stage play. They are open to all York undergraduate students.

Competition Rules


Candidates must be full-time or part-time York University undergraduates.

All submissions must be unpublished and original.

Submission Deadline

Submissions are accepted between mid-November and mid-January each year.

Deadline: Closed for 2023/2024


A prize of $1,000.00 will be awarded to the best entry in each category. In the event that the judges conclude no entry is of sufficient merit, no prize will be awarded.

Application Requirements

Submissions will be received in the following categories:

  • Poetry
  • Short Fiction
  • Screenplay
  • Stage-Play

There is no minimum or maximum length requirement in each category, but submissions must fall within these categories (for example, the awards are not open to novels and opera librettos). Contestants may enter submissions in multiple categories but may submit no more than one entry in each category.

Please do not include the author’s name in the submission itself; include it only in your online submission form. Submissions that include the author’s name on the manuscript will be disqualified.

No late submissions will be accepted. No paper submissions will be accepted.

Past Winners

Poetry - Winner - Kaitlyn Langendoen
Poetry - Honourable Mention - Susette Schacherl
Short Fiction - Winner - Nicole Lombardo
Short Fiction - Honourable Mention - Matteo Cerilli
Screenplay - Winner - Hunter Weaymouth
Screenplay - Honourable Mention - Boris Licina
Stage Play - Winner - Hunter Weaymouth

Poetry - Winner - Anike Morrison
Poetry - Honourable Mention - Justin Vanek
Short Fiction - Winner - Matteo Cerilli
Short Fiction - Honourable Mention - Theo Bow
Screenplay - Winner - Abigail Henderson
Screenplay - Honourable Mention - Christina Fernando
Stage Play - Winner - Darla Deigratia
Stage Play - Honourable Mention - Janet Nguyen

Poetry - Winner - Maria Helena Rykov
Poetry - Honourable Mention - Michael Kayser
Short Fiction - Winner - Suhana Rampersad
Short Fiction - Honourable Mention - Daryl Bruce
Screenplay - Winner - Abbie Henderson
Screenplay - Honourable Mention - Ivy de Rege-Braga
Screenplay - Honourable Mention - Taylor Levy
Stage Play - Winner - Sara Masciotra-Milstein

Poetry – Winner – Rachel Kearney
Short Fiction – Winner – Sehaj Brar
Screenplay – Winner – Abbie Henderson
Screenplay – Honorable Mention – Bernice Danjuma
Stage Play – Winner – Amanda Monasar
Stage Play – Winner – Emily Al-Jbouri

Poetry – Winner – Dante Nieuwold
Short Fiction – Winner – Rebecca Clarke
Short Fiction – Honorable Mention – Janet Rose Nguyen
Screenplay – Winner - Madeline Toal
Stage Play – Winner - Alysson McKee

Poetry – Winner – Susette Schacherl
Short Fiction – Winner – Natasha Levinski
Short Fiction – Honorable Mention – Harpit Samra
Screenplay – Winner – Julia Galle
Stage Play – no winner

Poetry – Winner – Luke Gagliardi
Poetry – Honorable Mentions – Eliot Gilbert and Kendra Guidolin
Short Fiction – Winner – Rebecca Mangra
Short Fiction – Honorable Mention – Susette Schacherl
Stage Play – Winner – Lance Morrison
Stage Play – Honorable Mention – Adam Nizam
Screenplay – Winner – Melanie White
Screenplay – Honorable Mention – James Dillon

Poetry – Winner - Susette Schacherl
Poetry – Honorable Mentions – Kathleen Hobbs and Jacob Morrow
Short Fiction – Winner – Susette Schacherl
Short Fiction – Honorable Mentions – Jacob Morrow and Hajer Mirwali
Stage play – Winners – Zachary Gladstone and Dylan Woods
Screenplay – Winner – Robert Apetagon
Screenplay – Honorable Mention – Devon Bain

Screenplay – Winner – Madeleine Patton
Poetry – Winner – Akash Bansal
Poetry – Honorable Mention – JR Enriquez Amparado
Stage Play – Winner – James Kenny
Short Fiction – Winner – Madeleine Patton
Short Fiction – Honorable Mention – Kate Hobbs

Poetry – Winners – Sarah Vandervecht and Chrisoula Maragos
Poetry – Honorable Mention – Kate Hobbs
Short Fiction – Winner - Stephanie McKechnie
Short Fiction – Honorable Mentions – Jade Gutherie and Vanesa Pasquarelli
Stage Play – Winners – Luke Reece and Devon Bain
Screenplay – Winners – Olivia Loccisano and Devon Bain

Poetry – Winner - Matthew Walsh
Poetry – Honorable Mention – Alex Millington and Shaina List
Short Fiction – Winner – Mark Jordan Manner
Short Fiction – Honorable Mention – Sara Flemington and Josh Edgar
Screenplay – Winners – Rodrigo Herrera and Earl Oliveros
Stage Play – Winner – Mark Jordan Manner