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We want you to take your studies out of the classroom and into the community. You’ll find many opportunities to get practical work training, meet peers in and outside your program, learn new skills and just have fun. Whether you choose to engage on campus, in the community, or abroad, you’ll gain valuable experience.

LA&PS Colleges

Whether you live on campus or commute, your college is your hub for socializing and accessing academic services.

LA&PS Co-op Program

Get relevant and practical job experience to position yourself optimally in the future labour market with the LA&PS Co-op Program.

Study Abroad

Add an international element to your studies by immersing yourself in a new environment.

A male college professor gestures while giving a lecture to a group of college students.

Guest Lectures

Advance your education without leaving the comfort of your classroom. Instead, let the world in and hear from the top global scholars and writers.

Student Associations

Getting involved with your program’s student association is a great way to meet peers, connect through activities and learn more about your chosen field.

Networking & Mentorship

From speed mentorship events to new programs fostering skill development alongside our incredible alumni, LA&PS initiatives bolster your career prospects prior to graduation.