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Our bespoke certificate options let students acquire theoretical and practical training in Black Canadian, Indigenous and Jewish studies. They can be pursued as a standalone or together with any other degree program at York. Browse our options and find the right fit for your academic interests and career goals.

Three black students smiling and talking

Black Canadian Studies

Learn and examine histories of Black Canada. Discover people of African descent in the Americas through cultural studies, history, literature and music. 

Illustration of a kitten from the cover of the children's book The Story of Ms Moppet

Children’s Literature

Engage with texts to examine how modes of representation shape our perceptions of children and youth in the contemporary world.

Indigenous dance performers

Indigenous Studies

Engage with the Indigenous history, culture and arts. Learn about contemporary and legacy colonial issues facing Indigenous people and efforts at redress.

Hebrew and Jewish Studies

Take a deep dive into the study of Hebrew and the history of the Jewish people with this specialized certificate.

Image of tile work in design of the Star of David

Jewish Studies

Learn about the history and cultural practices of Jews around the world and in different eras.