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Undergraduate Programs

The department is home to eleven undergraduate degree programs giving students the flexibility and diversity to pursue a range of subjects in the humanities or to focus in more concentrated thematic, regional or cultural areas. 

Black Canadian Studies

Learn and examine histories of Black Canada. Discover people of African descent in the Americas through cultural studies, history, literature and music. 

Children, Childhood & Youth

Learn how to engage children, discern children and young people's voices in historical and cultural contexts and come to understand the human condition from the child’s perspective.

Classical Studies

Explore the mythology, archaeology, history, literature and culture of ancient Greece and Rome and realize their incredible impact on the world we know today.

Culture & Expression

Study the relationship between human imagination and the cultural settings that ignite it.

East Asian Studies

Explore the significance of the Chinese, Japanese and Korean language, literature and fine arts and investigate the economic, social and political impact of these influential nations.

Hellenic Studies

Examine Greek history, language, literature and culture to learn about the place of contemporary Greece in today’s world.


Gain a comprehensive introduction to the humanities as an integrated field of study that brings ideas in religion, history, literature, popular culture, fine arts and philosophy into dynamic and rich conversation.

Indigenous Studies

Develop awareness and a sense of social responsibility relating to Indigenous issues. Your access to traditional elders and ceremonies, and your placements with Indigenous or supporting organizations will provide you with cultural and experiential knowledge about Indigenous lands, languages and cultures.

Individualized Studies

Pursue your interests in your own customized study program.

Jewish Studies

Explore Judaism and the Jewish people while studying the history of Judaism as a religion, and the texts, sociologies, languages, cultures and fine arts of the Jewish people from biblical times to present day.

Religious Studies

Explore a broad range of religious cultures, traditions, and history while studying the differences and similarities between religious faiths such as Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism and Sikhism.