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Children, Childhood & Youth

Bachelor of Arts (BA) - Honours

Understand the human condition from the perspectives of young people. Our program takes a child-centred and children's rights-based approach to this relatively new field of study. You will explore the many facets of global childhoods from award-winning faculty members and distinguished researchers.

Our interdisciplinary and humanities-based approaches include courses from sociology, psychology, literature, history, anthropology, and human rights and equity studies. You will gain knowledge, skills and experience for working in child- and youth-focused settings and organizations. This program also opens doors to further study, including advocacy work, counselling, education, health and wellness, international development and much more.

Knowledge and Learning

  • Students will have opportunities for the creative and applied studies of global childhoods and the diversity of childhoods that exist within our own communities, across time and spaces.
  • Students will analyze and interpret representations of children, childhood and youth, informed by a child-centred and children’s rights-based approach.
  •  Students will connect theory and practice in childhood-focused and child-centered research.

Hands-on experiences 

  • This program will provide opportunities for networking with and learning from scholars in the field as well as community members committed to children’s rights approaches.
  • This program will prepare students for careers involving children and youth, or opportunities for further study at the graduate level or across interdisciplinary fields.

Our focus is on understanding the human condition from the perspectives of young people. You will have the opportunity to explore experiences and representations of young people across time and space, engage in advocacy work concerning young people and focus on the rights of young people and the cultures they produce. Through our classes, our students refine their critical thinking skills - making them very competitive in the job market.

— Alison Halsall
Associate Professor & Program Coordinator, Children, Childhood & Youth

male and female student in front of dahdaleh building on keele campus