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Joy Lam - Winner of LA&PS Writing Prize (MRP category)

Joy Lam - Winner of LA&PS Writing Prize (MRP category)

Dear CCY community –

I wanted to share with you the fabulous news that one of our students, Joy Lam, has won the prestigious LA&PS Writing Prize in the MRP category, for her essay entitled, “‘I’m never going to have a fairy tale ending’: Girls’ Perspectives on Disney Films.” Please join me in congratulating her on this well-deserved award, one that all of us here at CCY are very proud of! Please read the abstract below to learn more about what she argued in her award-winning essay.


This research project examines young girls' experiences with and perspectives of Disney films and characters to explore its multifaceted impacts on unique childhood experiences. As a qualitative research project, the study involved three teenage girls as participants and employed multiple methodologies: drawing, a focus group, and individual interviews. Underpinned by many children's studies concepts and frameworks, this study closely examines the influences of Disney characters and story archetypes on my participants' relationship with their bodies and selves. Data consisted of participants' reflections on childhood experiences and observations of Disney and how those experiences have shaped their identity construction. The results revealed that contrary to popular belief, children who engage with Disney narratives are not merely passive observers of information, easily swayed by cultural rhetoric. Instead, my participants critically analyzed Disney's narratives, crafted and explored new ideas, and rationalized their experiences in connection to their identity and childhood while proposing new solutions for future generations consuming Disney.

Congratulations, Joy! We are thrilled for you!