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Anti-Racism Committee

The Children, Childhood Youth Program Anti-Racism Committee (ARC-CCY) is a small but dedicated group of students, researchers, and faculty who meet once a month to interrogate whiteness in the CCY program and work towards making CCY a more equitable and welcoming space for BIPOC students and faculty.

The committee was formed in response to growing concern among CCY students and faculty about covert and overt forms of racism, discriminatory barriers, white supremacy and colonialism, which racialized students face personally and systemically across campus in a variety of contexts.

ARC-CCY aims to foster a brave and accountable space in which to work holistically and collaboratively to prioritize the needs and voices of those on the margins due to race, ethnicity, age, gender, gender expression, sexuality, (mental) health status, socio-economic status, immigration status, disability, language abilities, and other intersecting identities.

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The Four Principles of ARC-CCY

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Support BIPOC Students

Support and prioritize racialized students and the intersections of marginalized identities and experiences: direct mentorship, training, career-building opportunities, awards specifically for racialized students.

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Support and prioritize racialized Encourage diversification among CCY course directors to increase intersectional representation in course curricula and invite QTBIPOC/BIPOC students to center their lived experiences in course assignments as related to course material and themes.

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Advocate for BIPOC Students

Liaise on behalf of racialized students by bringing student needs to CCY faculty for discussion that leads to education, systemic initiatives, and training.

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Build Connections

Prioritize connections and support for students through resources, for example, listserv; website; social media; social networking, academic, and career-building events.

Celebrating BIPOC Students at YORK!

Hello everyone! I am Shaney Fullwood. I am a Jamaican-born mom and wife, and my pronouns are she/her. I am presently in my third year of the Children, Childhood and Youth Studies here at York University. I enjoy dancing, singing and working with children. I choose the CCY program because I love working and interacting with children. After completing my undergraduate studies, I am hoping to go to graduate school. After which, I will pursue my dream of being a youth advocate. I would also like to operate a non-profit organization for at-risk youth and immigrant youth who are struggling and need additional support.

— Shaney Fullwood

Shaney Fullwood profile photo
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