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Children, Childhood & Youth Student Association (CCYSA)

This association is for CCY majors and minors and their allies.

CCYSA is intended to help students, staff, and faculty learn more about children and their cultures; to advocate for children’s rights; to build lasting friendships and partnerships in the community through social events, advocacy projects, and information sessions; and to provide resources for members such as mentoring, leadership training, and volunteer opportunities.

To find out more, contact or visit our CCYSA YU Connect webpage.

Meet the CCYSA 2021-2022 Executive Team

Name: Toni Garcia

Pronouns: She/Her

Position: President

Year: 4th year Children, Childhood, and Youth Major, Concurrent Education Student also Minoring in Psychology

Passion: I was a dancer all my life, so creative movement and working out has always been a special outlet of mine during stressful times.

Name: Guzal Sharapova

Pronouns: She/Her

Position: Vice President

Year: Fourth year of CCY, also enrolled in ConEd

Passion: love giving back to my community in any way that I can.

Name: Felicity Dyck

Pronouns: she/her

Positions: Social Media and Outreach Coordinator

Year: 3rd year of Social Work Major and CCY minor

Passion: I love being in the kitchen baking a dessert or trying out a new meal. Being in the kitchen and focusing on a recipe is my version of self-care and stress management. I also love being outside and enjoying nature's beauty.

Name: Danielle Legerman 

Pronouns: she/her            

Position: Sr. Events Coordinator               

Year: 4th year Children, Childhood & Youth with Concurrent Education 

Passion: my true passion is to teach, empower and inspire children and the students that I work My hobbies include baking, travelling, dancing and spending time in nature with my family and friends.

Name: Lexy Anonech

Pronouns: She/Her

Position: Events Coordinator

Year: 2nf Year and in Concurrent Education

Hobbies: I am an elite hockey player and am very passionate about fitness and exercise.

Name: Jessica Polonski (Jess) 

Pronouns: She/Her             

Positions: Finance Coordinator

Year: 4th year Children, Childhood, and Youth Major, Concurrent Education 

Passion or hobby: I love reading, especially classical’s! I love baking, hanging out with friends and of course teaching and creating engaging and meaningful learning opportunities for all students!

Name: Samantha Julien

Pronouns: She/Her        

Position: Secretary          

Year: 3rd year CCY       

Hobbies: Hiking, baking and spending quality time with my dog.

Name: Julia Svab

Pronouns: she/her

Position: Mentorship Coordinator

Year: going into 4th year CCY

Passion: I’ve been studying and playing music all my life. Playing the piano, guitar, and singing are my escape and creative outlet.