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Funded Research

Our top-notch researchers excel in grant funding competitions. Grants help us continue creating value for students and communities, and improve the quality of teaching and learning at York. These funds are also a vote of confidence in our research from third-party experts in government, industry and academia. We look forward to passing on the benefits to our students and the communities. Here is a sample summary of some of our recent successful grants.

Faculty MemberProject TitleResearch GrantYear
Alicia Turner, consortium grant with PI Richard FoxHenry Luce Foundation, Initiative on Southeast AsiaGrant for Canadian Southeast Asian Studies Initiative, $547,761 USD2023-2028
Joan SteigerwaldSSHRC Insight GrantA Romantic Natural History: Material Entities and Cultural Transformation, $92,7682022-2027
Abigail ShabtaySSHRC Partnership Development GrantStrengthening Participatory Drama-Based Research in Institutional, Community, and Educational Contexts, $199, 3412023-2026
Andreas Kitzmann, co-applicant with Kurt ThumlertCatalyzing Interdisciplinary Research Clusters GrantDesigning Sound Futures, $525,0002022-2025
Andrea EmberlySSHRC RGDI (Race, Gender and Diversity Initiative)Singing Our Stories: Networking Community Musical Practices with Refugee and Newcomer Children and
Young People, $447,117
Carolyn Steele, co-chair with Lynda van DreumelAcademic Innovation Fund, Category I: Pan-University AIF ProjectsEnvision YU: Tools for Student Success, $275,8262022-2024
Abigail ShabtaySSHRC Insight Development GrantAdapting Drama-Based Methods for Research with Children and You, $73,9912021-2024
Alicia TurnerSSHRC Insight GrantResisting the Birth of Buddhist Identity: Gender, Colonial Secularism and Practices of Connection in Burma, $72,4292020-2024
Julie VigSpalding Trust FellowshipThe Play of the Poetry in Early Modern Punjab, $43002023
Julie VigInternal FundingTotalling: $11,6832023
Alison HalsallInternal FundingTotalling: $14,0502022-2023
Andrea Emberly, PI, with Kael Reid, co-investigatorHelen Carswell Chair in Community Engaged Research in the ArtsSinging Our Stories Together: Supporting Community-Based Music Programs for Equity-Seeking Young People through Creative Arts-Based Pedagogies, $20,0002022-2023
Alicia Turner, co-applicant with Hitomi FujimuraSSHRC Connections GrantPlural Pasts for Collective Futures in Burma/Myanmar: Histories of Belonging and Identities (Re)Imagined, $20,1372023
Ann Marie MacDonaldSSHRC Explore GrantOld Poles and New Stories: Archival knowledges and oral histories of Gitanskanees and Kurt Seligmann, $6,3542022
Ann Marie MacDonaldInternal FundingTotalling: $10,0002022
Christina Sharpe, PI, and Andrea Davis, co-applicantSSHRC Connection GrantThe Alchemy Lecture, $24,9702022
Andrea DavisInternal FundingTotalling: $16,0002021-2022
Andrea Emberly, with Dr. Kael Reid, Nadeen Abu Shaban, and COSTI refugee servicesThe Child and Youth Refugee Research Coalition, SSHRC PG Research SubgrantSinging My Story: Building Capacity with Newcomer Youth Through Song Writing, Recording, and Creative Arts-Based Pedagogies, $19,9752021-2022
Christina Sharpe, PI, and Andrea Davis, co-applicantSSHRC Connection GrantDionne Brand’s A Map to the Door of No Return at 20: A Gathering, $24,9882021
Andreas KitzmannSSHRC Connections GrantPatch Up!: A Workshop on Synthetic Sound and Modular Thought, $18,1952021
Bernard Lightman (co-applicant)The Collected Letters of John Tyndall (1820-1893), to edit and publish volumes 15 to 21.Collaborative SSHRC Insight Grant, $362,1612020-2025
Amila ButurovicHerbs, Stars, and Amulets: Health and Cross-Confessional Healing in Ottoman BosniaSSHRC Insight Grants competition, $87,4802019
Amila ButurovicMedicine without borders: theories and practices of health in Ottoman Bosnia and beyondSSHRC Connection Grant, $16,7582019
Abigail ShabtayChildren, Youth and Performance Conference III: Performative PraxisSSHRC Connection Grant, $24,6802019
Joan SteigerwaldSchelling and Philosophies of LifeSSHRC Connection Grant, $13,9222019
David CecchetoListening to Digital CultureSSHRC Insight Grant, $89,2412018-2022
Kabita ChakrabortyExtreme love: Young people's experiences at the intersection of intimacy and violence in urban IndiaSSHRC Insight Grant, $90,6592018
David CecchetoSLSA: Out of MindSSHRC Connection Grant, $24,900
Jody BerlandDigital AnimalitiesSSHRC Insight Grant
David CecchetoTuning Speculation IIISSHRC Connection Grant, $22,5002015
Elicia ClementsModernist Literary MusicsSSHRC Insight Grant, $76,1472012-2018
David CecchetoSound, Affect, and Digital CommunitiesSSHRC Insight Development Grant
Theresa Hyun, research team member$1.1m, Academy of Korea Studies
Cheryl Cowdy-CrawfordMultimedia and Transmedia Texts, Cultural Change and Youth ReadersSSHRC Insight Development Grant
Alicia TurnerBuddhism Across Boundaries: Subaltern, Plebeian, and Peripheral Networks in Colonial Southeast AsiaSSHRC Insight Development Grant