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Student Associations

Getting involved with your program’s club or student association is a great way to connect with peers who share similar interests and career goals. Through events and activities such as guest lectures, seminars, career workshops and social events, you’ll get the chance to network, enrich your studies and meet others working in your chosen field.

Our program has three student councils that are organized to represent student interests in the program. Student representatives also play an important role in Departmental committees. In the spirit of fostering meaningful democratic participation, we encourage students to become active in one of the following organizations to ensure students' voices are represented in our deliberations.

Undergraduate Political Science Council

Connect with students from your program and others from around the university interested in political science.


The Graduate Political Science Student Association (GPSSA) is the democratic body representing the concerns of graduate students in the Department.


The International Relations Student Association at York (IRSAY) is a federally incorporated non-profit organization aspiring to cultivate the diplomatic, networking and leadership abilities of students with a passion for contemporary issues and diplomacy.