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Our Faculty

Our outstanding faculty are engaging in world-class research, winning major awards, accolades and fellowships for their achievements. That scholarship is reflected in the classroom and has a positive effect in the community. We’re making a global impact, influencing public policy and debate, enriching society and inspiring awe.

Full-Time Faculty

Our full-time faculty members have published in top ranked academic journals and are award winning teachers.

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Contract Faculty

Our contract faculty members have years of experience as industry professionals and teaching specialists.

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Glendon Faculty

The same excellence you have come to expect from our faculty also offered at York’s bilingual liberal arts faculty, at the Glendon campus in midtown Toronto. Browse our accomplished faculty members below, get to know their work and research interests. If what you see inspires or intrigues you, feel free to reach out for collaboration opportunities.

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Visiting Faculty

The department regularly hosts visiting faculty members who bring their experience to York from other institutions or as top scholars in their fields.

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Retired Faculty

Our emeritus faculty members may be retired, but they often continue to contribute to academic life.

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In the Professor's Studio

In the Professor’s Studio is the Department of Politics’ talk show, where we interview members of the Department on their research, teaching and career trajectories.

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