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Prof. Rozdilsky discusses Trucker Convoy Protests

Prof. Rozdilsky discusses Trucker Convoy Protests

DEM Professor Jack L. Rozdilsky wrote an article that was published in The Conversation, titled “Canada in crisis: Why Justin Trudeau has invoked the Emergencies Act to end trucker protests”, where he discussed why the prime minister has invoked the act and what it means for the country.

“In the end, all disasters are political. There will be an examination of why it took so long to invoke the Emergencies Act. But in the meantime, Canada is telegraphing to the world that public order will be maintained — and the government can take action to quell this crisis of social origin,” Rozdilsky said, in the article.

Read more in The Conversation.

Prof. Rozdilsky also wrote an earlier article, “The occupation of Ottawa by the ‘freedom convoy’ has the potential for an urban siege,” where he discussed the significance of the protests and its effect on the city of Ottawa.

He was also quoted in an article on the CBC’s website titled, “Opportunity to end convoy protest peacefully is slipping away, experts say”, where he discussed mounting frustrations with the ongoing protests.

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