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Future Students

Gain a clear understanding of the theory and practice of government, while developing the expertise required to analyze policy, evaluate programs and serve in other public functions such as project management, human resources, budgeting and finance.

Commitment to Excellence

Several of our faculty members hold awards for excellence in teaching and our active alumni association offers students unparalleled access and guidance into the professional non-partisan public service.

Co-op and Practicum Opportunities

You will have the opportunity to gain experience through field placements in Public Administration related organizations. You will be able to make contacts, increase your practical knowledge base and potentially line up a future job after graduation with this valuable opportunity.

Unique Programming

We deliver small class sizes and personalized attention to our students’ learning needs as well as their professional development. Students develop strong research skills and interdisciplinary solutions to public policy and management problems under the supervision of faculty members from a variety of disciplines and with practical experience in the broader public sector.

Balanced Focus

Public Policy and Administration is both an academic discipline and a profession. To provide a systemic/holistic perspective, our programs are based on a balanced combination of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies disciplines, policy and management, theory and practice, empirical and normative analysis, skills training and critical thinking.

Public administration is never boring. The challenges keep changing, and there is a great deal of need for innovation, and also for leadership. Our students are able to tackle these things from the very beginning in the program and at the early stages of their careers.

— Alena Kimakova
Former Director & Associate Professor, School of Public Policy & Administration

Program Options

The School of Public Policy & Administration offers a Bachelor of Public Administration, a Master of Public Policy, Administration and Law, as well as certificate and diploma programs. All of our programs are characterized by an emphasis on social justice, public ethics and good governance.

Staffed by faculty with strong research records and many years combined experience in active public service, the School provides a sense of community for students who share a fascination with questions of governance, administration, public ethics and the law.

Bachelor of Public Administration

Students can choose to pursue an Honours degree or a Specialized Honours degree in one of three different streams: Law, Justice and Public Policy, Management, or Policy Analysis.

Professional Certificates

We offer two undergraduate certificates – a Professional Certificate in Public Administration and Law and a Professional Certificate in Public Policy Analysis.

Graduate Programs

Take your academic pursuits to the next level with our leading graduate programs.

male and female student in front of dahdaleh building on keele campus