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Space Science

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Offered as a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree

Includes: Space-based Earth observation, Space exploration and astronomy, Spacecraft design, Space and Satellite Technology

Space Science admission application and the first two years of study are offered through the Lassonde School of Engineering. Students choosing the Space Exploration and Astronomy stream become part of the Faculty of Science, department of Physics & Astronomy for their third and fourth years.

Canada’s unique geographical and political circumstances have led to a thriving space industry with its own unique capabilities. To prepare you for a career in this exciting field, York offers a Space Science program, the only one of its kind in Canada. As a Space Science student, you will be involved in the design of technologies for space exploration and develop skills in the acquisition and interpretation of remotely sensed data from space vehicles. The first two years of the program lay the foundations for specialization in upper years within one of the options of Observation of Earth from Space or Space Exploration and Astronomy. There are numerous elective courses from topics such as space vehicle dynamics, spacecraft systems, robotics, astrophysics, communications and control systems and remote sensing which allow you to focus on your area of interest and career objectives.