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The Department of French Studies (DFS) on the Keele Campus offers a comprehensive undergraduate program (BA) with an interdisciplinary approach to the study of language, linguistics and literature. The Graduate Program (M.A. and Ph. D.) in Francophone Studies features two streams: literature and linguistics.

The DFS also offers students:

  • An exchange program with the Université Michel de Montaigne in Bordeaux, and l'Université Paris-Est Créteil (France);
  • Certificates of Language Proficiency in French;
  • The Multimedia Language Centre (MLC) with access to a wide range of resources: interactive language-learning exercises; voice recording software; French language proofing tools; a multimedia French language encyclopedia;
  • EFY (a French-speaking social club run by the students). Its mission is to provide York students with extracurricular activities in French. These activities, which are mostly cultural, allow students to use French in a non-academic environment.

Every three years, the DFS hosts a French Contest for high school students from the Toronto region. The contest offers entrance scholarships to the winners. The contest will next be held on the Keele campus in 2015.


In the Graduate Program (M.A. and Ph. D.) in Francophone Studies, students may specialize in literature or linguistics. The literature stream aims at training students in literary research notably in relation to narrative discourse. The linguistics stream aims at training students in Linguistic research via an in-depth investigation of key aspects of the structure of French and of the uses of this language in discourse.


High School Teachers and Students! Book a visit to our department!


The Department of French Studies, York University, on the Keele Campus, invites high schools for a ½ day site visit from October to March. Participants will: learn what they can do with a French degree, experience firsthand a university French class, visit the Multimedia Language Center and the library.


To arrange for departmental visits, contact contact Sylvia Waterman-Anderson:



Winners of the Toronto Universities French Contest 2012


  Documents, Forms and Links

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Publications by the members of the DFS

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