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The Master of Financial Accountability (MFAc) program has been awarded Alumni Network of the Year for 2023

The Master of Financial Accountability (MFAc) program has been awarded Alumni Network of the Year for 2023

The Master of Financial Accountability (MFAc) program has been recognized by the York University Alumni Board (YUAB) as Alumni Network of the Year. This award represents the network's commitment to York during the past year due to its engagement, impact and alignment to the York University Academic Plan 2020-25. 

"This accolade is a promise of the continued impact that visionary leadership, dedicated professors, and each member of the MFAc Alumni Network will bring to our community. Together, they have set a standard for excellence that will guide future endeavors and inspire current and future networks,” says Ali Badruddin (BBA '09), Chair of the Alumni Networks Committee on the YUAB. 

Among the network's impactful initiatives, MFAc offered networking opportunities and provided hands-on training for students and alumni. The possibility of a case competition is being pursued.  The establishment of a Career Mentorship Program connected students with experienced alumni, offering personalized guidance and complementing it with career skills workshops. Additionally, the network curated job opportunities showcasing a forward-thinking approach to fostering a dynamic and supportive community beyond graduation.  

Dennis Garces (BA '92), vice-chair of the Alumni Networks Committee on the YUAB also acknowledged that, "In the spirit of collaboration and dedication, the MFAc Alumni Network has not just achieved recognition; they've proven that when vision meets action, transformative impact follows. Their commitment to fostering meaningful connections, driving innovation, and advancing the mission of our university stands as a testament to what can be achieved through collective effort and unwavering dedication."  

The York University Alumni Board congratulates the entire MFAc 2022-23 alumni network and its stakeholders:

  • Mike Mokhtar (MA ‘13), Eshna Bhurtun (MA ‘20), co-chair 
  • Sean Cheung (MA ‘18), Tong (Sean) Shen (MA ‘21), Vincent Jia (MA ‘19), Ray Lei (MA ‘16), alumni Board members 
  • Joseph Kurukulasuriya (MA ‘16), Ocean Chen (MA candidate ‘24), MFAc Internship Advisory Board alumni representatives 
  • Hanan Saber Ali (MA ‘20), alumni volunteer coordinator 
  • Jiadi Zhang (MA ‘23), Yifan Song (MA ‘23), Ke (Kira) Ren (MA ‘23), Han Xu (MA ‘23), Jingwen (Lydia) Hu (MA ‘23), Mark Gyamfi (MA candidate ‘24), student volunteer alumni and mentoring coordinators 
  • Yide Li (MA ‘20), Jiahui (Kellen) Lou (MA candidate ‘24), Ruize Sun (MA, ‘23), student coordinator volunteer participants 
  • Professor K Paul Evans, Professor Tony Stanco, Taslima Nasreen, Stella Peng, Romi-Lee Sevel, faculty liaison 
  • Yasmine Mensah (BA ‘20), alumni engagement officer 

For more information about this award and the Alumni Networks program, visit the Alumni & Friends website or contact Yasmine Mensah, alumni engagement officer at