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Spanish Publications

Acentos looks for the best composition, essay, and/or creative work from each Spanish class offered by York University's Department of Languages, Literatures and Linguistics. Every year, best works are recognized and published on our online magazine and newsletter.

Submissions are accepted throughout the year for upcoming publications.

Spring 2022 Special Edition

hands holding

Volume 4, April 2022

Editor-in-Chief: Fernanda Carra-Salsberg, PhD


Editor’s Note…

The papers included in this Spring, 2022 publication are part of a collaborative project conducted by York University students, enrolled in AP/SP 4990, Foreign and Digital Media: Developing Skills for Online, Spanish- English Publications.  While providing students with practical and concrete experience in online publishing, students enrolled in this course have worked independently and in groups to conduct qualitative and quantitative research, write, edit, and publish papers for the current edition. This edition of Acentos focuses on the impact of our current health crisis. It examines the ways in which this historical and unprecedented occurrence has propelled an array of changes.

While acknowledging that the challenges that were brought to light by COVID 19 have been vast and complex, this publication begins with an examination of how our pandemic has influenced our students’ personal and shared experiences. Centered on education at the postsecondary level, our first essay looks at the way in which COVID 19 has impacted course deliveries, teaching approaches, course selections and course cancelations. Our second paper examines students’ educational opportunities and international exchanges. This second essay brings together international students’ experiences and how recent changes have affected international and domestic students’ prospects to work and study abroad.

With a focus on the Hispanic community, our third paper focuses on how, despite our pandemic, a financial institution has drawn strength from fomenting a community focus approach that is centered on employee-employee, and employee-client relations. This third and final essay examines how inter-personal relations may help individuals and institutions through the many challenges that shape and define our ever-changing professional and economic landscapes.

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female student smiling

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